You Can Choose To Save If You Really Want

Everyone can make excuses about why they do not have enough to fund a comfortable retirement, but we all know the most likely reason is we have decided not to choose to save.

Lifestyle choices, illness and other events can all play a part, but most workers can afford to save a little a lot to build up a pension fund.

Lots of people dream of retiring early as a millionaire, but the chances of that unless they win a lottery are slim.

But discipline and following a plan can help many people save.

Entrepreneurs write business plans outlining their financial objectives and the steps they need to take to meet them.

Write down your savings plan

Few savers write a financial plan to do the same.

For instance, a 30-year-old may want to save £1 million by the age of 55. In simple terms, that means saving £40,000 a year for 25 years.

Too many savers start too late. A 30-year-old on a decent salary taking advantage of compound interest could realistically save £1 million, but the task is harder for a 45-year-old.

Entrepreneurs also know that they can make bigger profits on the same sales by watching their costs.

Savers can do the same by keeping to a budget and not spending too much on luxuries or unnecessary purchases.

Get rich schemes make you poor

Get rich quick schemes are often a rapid way to become poorer.

Paying money you could save to someone to tell you how to save does not make a lot of sense, and if their scheme is so good, why are they having to work rather than living off whatever money-making guru scheme they are promoting?

Controlling debt is also a way to raise more for savings. Once you have some money saved, become your own bank rather than borrowing off a credit card or overdraft. Paying down debt and repaying yourself from the money saved slashes the interest and other charges you are paying.

Try saving for a holiday or a car rather than borrowing, and set a budget and go for a trip or model of car that you can afford rather than one with bells and whistles.

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