Worried British Expats Set Up Forums Over EU Exit

British expats fearing a British exit from Europe are forming online pressure groups to support continuing membership of the European Union.

Expats express concerns about voting in British elections and the impact of a UK departure from the EU.

Besides commercial web sites, independent pages are springing up on Facebook and online.

Many seem to be based around British expats now living in France.

On Facebook, UK Citizens in the EU – The impact of a Brexit has around 40 members.

“This group is concerned about the issues that will face expats, property owners and others who live, work, or own property in the EU, if the UK leaves,” says the web site.

Online advice

“The debate about whether the UK should stay in the EU or not is more than adequately covered elsewhere, this group is about understanding and dealing with the consequences of a UK exit from the EU – a Brexit.”

The site has around 40 members.

Another new forum is Expat Forum – What happens if Britain leaves the EU?

Run by expats Bertie Fox and Steve Vaughan, the site has around 50 members to date again based mainly in France.

Another popular British expat site on Facebook is society and culture web site British Expats.

The page has more than 2,600 likes and links to a web site and forum that carries heavy advertising.

A busy forum caters for British expats all over the world.

Another source of expat information that should not be overlooked are the online advice pages of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), which carry information about immigration, travel, business and health for every country across the world.

You may also seek advice from a lawyer at Woodgrange Solicitors LLP who have specialist solicitors advising on immigration related matters.

News and gossip

The information is all available in the passports, travel and living abroad section of the FCO web site.

For information about living or moving overseas for expats, Brits Abroad has a lively forum with experienced expats offering online advice to those testing the water for the first time.

This site is more about news, gossip and chat for expats, although more serious topics are also tackled.

Expat Briefing also offers open forums for expats.

Before joining an online forum, check out the administrators on Google to see if their agendas meet your own – some are genuine information swapping sites, some are political lobbyists and others marketing organisations.

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