Triple Terror Alert For British Expats In France

French authorities have issued a security alert for expats and travellers after a series of terrorist incidents.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have backed up the warning by expressing three major concerns for expats and tourists in the country.

Topping the list is an expected backlash from France’s military intervention with other countries against the Islamic State in the Middle East.

Islamist groups have threatened violent retaliation and the government has asked travellers to remain vigilant while increasing security across the country.

Visits to Corsica are also a cause of worry following a string of explosions and failed bombings thought to be connected to a nationalist group.

Targets have included government buildings, restaurants, bars and holiday homes.

Lastly, French border police fear illegal immigrants trying to cross The Channel to the UK may try and hijack cars and lorries in slow-moving traffic near ferry ports and the Eurotunnel.

“Police patrols have been stepped up,” said an FCO spokesman. “However, drivers should keep their doors locked when parked or in traffic.”

Hong Kong protests

Student protests against the selection of local government election candidates are ongoing in Hong Kong despite fighting on the streets breaking up demonstrations.

Rival factions are clashing on the streets, especially near government buildings, public squares and shopping centres.

The demonstrations are disrupting traffic and public transport.

“Police are using tear gas and rubber bullets to deal with the protests,” said an FCO spokesman. “Expats and visitors should stay away from large public gatherings as they can quickly turn violent.”

Nigeria bomb warnings

Nigeria celebrates Independence Day and Eid-al-Adha this week – and traditionally this has triggered terror attacks across the country.

In recent weeks, bombings in Damaturu, Kano, Jos, Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos have caused many casualties.

“Avoid public places, religious gatherings and crowds if you can,” said an FCO spokesman. “These attacks are unannounced and indiscriminate. If you see a large security presence, it’s a good idea to stay away from the neighbourhood.”

Ukraine border fighting deaths

The FCO wants British travellers to stay away from the Russian border with Ukraine.

Reports from diplomats on the ground confirm armed clashes are taking place both sides of the border and that Ukrainian and Russian security forces have no control at border posts.

Several deaths and serious injuries have been reported.

Armed gangs are also kidnapping and robbing travellers.

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