Travel Shares Dive As Ebola Threat Hits Europe

Shares in travel firms have plunged on stock markets across Europe as information about the first Ebola cases in Europe have hit the headlines.

A nurse in Spain has tested positive for the deadly virus – the first European case detected.

Health authorities say three other patients are undergoing Ebola tests and another 50 cases are being monitored.

Doctors are also investigating the death of a British man in Macedonia who is also suspected of having contracted the disease.

Ebola has raged across West Africa since March, killing more than 3,500 people out of around 8,000 confirmed cases.

British troops and medical equipment are among an international task force gathering in the region as the World Health organisation rallies resources to fight the spread of the disease.

The British government has also announced Ebola screening centres will be set up at Heathrow and Gatwick airports and the EuroTunnel rail terminal.

As a result, holiday firm shares dropped – Tui Travel was down 2.5%, British Airways, EasyJet and Carnival, the cruise company, all fell around 1%.

For British Airways, the drop is the equivalent of losing £500 million off stock values.

Ebola is contracted by coming into contact with the bodily liquids of a contaminated person.

This can be from someone close by sneezing, sweating or even shaking their hand.

Last week, scientists predicted the virus would more likely reach France and England before Spain, which was cited as a ‘low risk’ nation for the illness.

Gay jail case hits Morocco travel

Holiday comparison web site Trivago reported hotel searches to Marrakech, Morocco, plummeted by almost half after the arrest of 69-year old Ray Cole, who was jailed for 20 days for “homosexual acts”.

Cole has been released and has returned to Britain.

Travel providers are concerned that holidaymakers will shun Morocco next year as a result of the case.

Suicide bomb kills 50

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is warning expats and travellers in Yemen to guard against terrorist attacks after 50 people were reported to have died in a bomb attack in the capital Sana.

The suicide bomber exploded his device in a crowded market place.

“Local reports suggest a conflict between local Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims is escalating and that the country will see more similar incidents as each side grapples for control of the city,” said an FCO spokesman.