Travel Black Spots For Expats And Tourists

The list of travel black spots where expats and visitors face the threat of violent crime or terrorism is growing.

The current warnings for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office cover:

  • Germany – The German government has increased security at all public buildings, major events and Christmas celebrations.

Travels through Germany to Scandinavia from Austria is often subject to delays and disruption due to the thousands of migrants using public transport services

  • Egypt – Two staff have been arrested at Sharm el Shiekh airport following the downing of the Russian jet airliner over the Sinai by a bomb.

Security at the airport has been stepped up, but thousands of passengers are facing disrupted flights.

  • France – Expats and tourists are warned to be on heighted alert following the terror atrocities in Paris last weekend. The government has warned other militants may be planning attacks in the capital
  • Israel – Violent and indiscriminate attacks on the security forces and passers-by have taken place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
  • Bosnia – A terrorist shot and wounded two police officers and a shopper in Sarajevo
  • Sweden – The government has increased security and raised the terror threat level

Take care overseas

Other countries with ongoing travel alerts include Kenya, Pakistan and several popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

The US State Department has also issued warnings about trips to Mexico

“Most trips take place quite safely and at any one time millions of British expats and travellers are overseas,” said a Foreign Office spokesman.

“We don’t want to scare people about travelling overseas, but it is wise to check the risks and plan accordingly.”

Find out more about the country you are visiting on the FCO web site

Health cover change

The British government’s reciprocal health care agreement with Belarus ends on December 26, 2015 and will not be renewed.

From this date, any British expat in the country or visitor will need private medical insurance cover to access treatment.

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