Top 5 Best Collectible Investments

Stocks, shares and other financial assets are not the only way to collect and store riches – collectibles are another option.

But with a wealth of opportunity out there, which are the best collectible investments?

According to one of the world’s leading firms in the field – Paul Fraser Collectibles, based in Bristol, five top collectibles stand out in the market and are always popular with collectors:

US coins

The firm says rare coins are a safe bet and is often called the ‘king of hobbies’ as coin collecting is one of the oldest and most popular pastimes

Values are based on the PCGS 3000 index, which has monitored the changing values of US coins since 1970. Overall the index shows a just over a 10% increase in that time


Rare stamps have stable prices while the top 30 British investment grade stamps have averaged an annual 10% return since 1998. Stamp collecting is a hobby becoming increasing popular in the Asia-pacific

Chinese collectors have their own investment index, which has improved 11.6% a year on average since 1989.


Sign up to collecting autographs if you are a sports or movies fan and you can look to make some big bucks from the stars and royalty. Among the big sellers at the best prices are Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and The Beatles

Fraser reckons the top 40 autographs have risen in price by 13.6% since 2000.

Prince William’s autograph went up a third last year to £2,000, while World Champion boxer Muhammad Ali’s packed a punch with a 25% increase to £1,500.


Most novice collectors would put their money on the really old publications as the most valuable, but it’s those from the comparatively recent past of the 1960s to 1980s that make the most money.

Today, everyone is in to superheroes as they stack up the millions at film box offices, but Captain America, Iron Man and The Avengers had more humble beginnings in print.

Comic prices can be volatile. Some are worth next to nothing, while others defy gravity with sky high prices. One based on the TV series Walking Dead sold for a few pounds but is now worth more than £3,000.

Movie memorabilia

Movies are a grey area. No ‘official’ index tracks prices, so the only guide is previous auction values and an avid collector is likely to pay much more than a speculator.

Fraser suggests ‘iconic’ star items will retain their value, like Audrey Hepburn’s Ascot dress from My Fair Lady – up 41.5% a year rise between 2002 and 2011, from £60,000 to £2.235 million.

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