Top 20 Funds For Spreading Global Investment Risk


Neil Woodford’s demise as a celebrated fund manager has prompted many investors to diversify – but the problem is where to look for suitable investments.

If you are making a single investment to spread across lots of different stocks, sectors and countries, then the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has put together a list of the top 20 funds that will do the job.

Investing like this lets you capture growth and income from a range of sources and spreads the risk.

Annabel Brodie-Smith, the AIC communications director, said: “With the news bringing more reasons to worry than to celebrate, many investors might take comfort from knowing their investments are spread across a wide range of different countries.

“The ability to spread your investment across a variety of companies, countries and sectors is one of the biggest benefits of collective investments, such as investment companies. Different countries will have varying economic and political environments as well as different strengths and weaknesses, so investing in a good spread of regions can make sense.

“It’s not surprising to see big, global investment companies top the list, investing in as many as 37 different countries. However, it’s interesting that some investment companies with strong sector specialisms, such as environmental or financials, are so diversified by country.”

Top 20 funds for spreading investment risk across countries

Rank Name AIC sector Largest single country exposure No of countries invested in
1 F&C Global 52% – USA 37
2 Witan Global 35% – UK 36
3 Genesis Emerging Markets Global Emerging Markets 25% – China 32
4 Aberdeen Emerging Markets Global Emerging Markets 24% – China 26
5 Utilico Emerging Markets Global Emerging Markets 26% – Brazil 26
6 Alliance Trust Global 47% – USA 26
7 Murray International Global Equity Income 14% – USA 25
8 Aberdeen Frontier Markets Global Emerging Markets 26% – Vietnam 24
9 Bankers Global 32% – USA 24
10 BlackRock Frontiers Global Emerging Markets 11% – Indonesia 23
11 Polar Capital Global Financials Financials 40% – USA 23
12 Caledonia Flexible Investment 40% – UK 23
13 Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Global Emerging Markets 14% – Cayman Islands 22
14 JPMorgan Global Emerging Markets Income Global Emerging Markets 21% – China 20
15 Templeton Emerging Markets Global Emerging Markets 24% – China 20
16 Henderson International Income Global Equity Income 29% – USA 20
17 Jupiter Green Environmental 30% – USA 20
18 Impax Environmental Markets Environmental 43% – USA 20
19 Herald Global Smaller Companies 51% – UK 19
20 Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus Asia Pacific Smaller Companies 14% – Thailand 18

Source: AIC