Thailand Offers Golden Visa To Brexit Weary Expats

If Brexit is too much for you and you are worried about your status as a British expat in Europe, then Thailand is offering a new home.

The Thai government wants British expats to relocate to the Asia Pacific with the offer of a ‘golden visa’ to speed up the process.

But before any expats dump their winter clothing and pack for Bangkok, they must check out the cost of moving to Thailand because it’s not cheap.

And if money is tight, Thailand is one of the many countries in the world where the British state pension is frozen at the amount first paid.

Thailand Elite wants to make expats an offer they cannot refuse.

Headhunting wealthy expats

Backed by the government, the agency is headhunting wealthy expats fed up with Brexit.

The lure of tropical beaches, lush jungles and the hustle and bustle of the capital Bangkok will cost an expat £48,138 as a one-off fee along with annual payments of £481.

In return, expats are granted a 20-year visa with VIP access to work permits, dealing with immigration issues and even day to day issues such as applying for a driving licence.

Tipping the balance for some are free airport transfers, annual private health checks, plus complimentary trips to spas and golf courses.

For more thrifty expats, 10 and five year deals are also available – the 10 year package costs £24,066 and £12,033 for the five year one.

Low cost of living

Pruet Boobphakam, president of Thailand Elite, said: “I think that Brexit will give us an opportunity to even open more, or to introduce Thailand even on a broader scale. You can live in Thailand for up to 20 years if you’d like to, therefore it would be a good opportunity for both countries, in terms of UK people and the Thai people.”

On average, the cost of living is almost 40% lower in Thailand than in the UK.

The prices depend on where an expat lives as Bangkok is more expensive than coastal or rural areas.

Current exchange rates put £1 equal to 43 Thai baht.

A litre of milk costs 50 baht (£1.16); a loaf of bread 38 baht (£0.88) and a local beer is 60 baht (£1.39), says global price monitor Numbeo.

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