Terror Bomb Kills Two In Egypt Tourist City

A terror group is stepping up the number of drive-by shootings and bombings in some of Egypt’s major tourist centres.

Although expats and tourists are not the targets of the campaign, some have been injured in the fall-out from indiscriminate attacks against security forces and government buildings.

The latest blast was a car bomb left outside the police station in Aswan, the destination for many Nile cruises.

The explosion killed two policemen and injured five others.

Two civilians were killed in another bomb blast in the business district of Cairo just days before.

The Egyptian government has deployed troops and tanks in the Sinai to root out militants and claims to have killed more than 170 terrorists in the past month alone.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is warning expats and travellers to be vigilant if visiting the country.

Poison gas cloud

Volcanic activity has led to travel bans in large areas of Iceland.

Although scientists have declared the eruption around the Bardarbunga volcano on Vatnajökull glacier at an end, meteorologists are warning the area is still shrouded in clouds of sulphur dioxide.

The glacier is closed to visitors as the gas is considered life-threatening, especially to people with breathing problems.

The eruption is thought to be the largest on the island for more than 200 years, and although lava has stopped flowing, much of the area around the volcano is peppered with steaming holes.

Volcano erupts

The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile has erupted and minor earthquakes have struck the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapaca and Antofagasta.

Emergency teams are working around the eruption site and tourists are urged to stay away.

Crash closes airport

Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal is still closed following the crash of a Turkish Airlines plane on this week. The airport is likely to stay closed for several days.

Travellers should contact their airline or travel company for flight updates.

The Airbus 330 crashed in dense fog on a second attempt to land. None of the 224 passengers and crew were hurt.

New York under snow

New York is under several feet of snow following a heavy blizzard at the weekend which is disrupting flights and travel around the city.

The storm was the latest in a series to strike the USA eastern seaboard.

Severe weather warnings are in force across several states and a large area is affected by snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Find latest travel warnings

  • To check out the latest British government worldwide travel warnings, go to the FCO web site and select a country
  • The US government also issues regular travel warnings online
  • For ABTA travel information, visit their web site

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