Teen Heartthrob Invests in New Social Network

Music sensation Justin Bieber has invested over $1 million in a new social network aimed at teenagers.

‘Shots of Me’ is set to launch in the Apple Store later during the week.

The platform is said to address issues that are specific to teenagers such as cyber bullying, which runs rampant on other social networks.

It is no surprise then, that the lead investor of this project is a teenager himself. Bieber reportedly invested $1.1 million in a round of seed investment.

This is the first independent investment made by the pop singer who usually heeds the advice of his manager.

In addition, this is the only time that Bieber has ever made an investment into a social networking platform. Many are eagerly anticipating the reaction of his hordes of fans across the globe upon the release of the app on the Apple Store.

Bieber has been credited as the most popular teen on the planet and his twitter following alone exceeds 45 million. He has gained a steady following of fans since his youth using social media and it is thanks to YouTube, a video uploading site, that he was discovered by famous singer, Usher.

CEO of RockLive, Sam Shahidi, said, “We got to know Justin after he began playing our games and tweeting about it.”

RockLive, the developers of the upcoming application, is run by brothers John and Sam Shahidi who opened the software company in 2009. The company is credited with creating a number of games that are popular amongst young adults and teenagers.

Games were developed with collaboration from famous sport celebrities such as boxer Mike Tyson and football player Cristiano Ronaldo.  Sam Shahidi explained, “We’ve really enjoyed making games, and have made a lot of money doing so, but this is something new.”

Most details have been withheld by the developers which is a method they have previously used for game launches. RockLive generally depend on word of mouth and digital media rather than traditional methods of announcing upcoming app launches such as press releases.

Other investors for ‘Shots of Me’ include boxer Floyd Merryweather and venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar.

The company has raised over $2.5 million in seed investment. In the near future they will approach a number of venture capital firms on order to raise money in its first official round of funding.