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Women With A Mistrust Of Saving Lose Out On Pensions

Young women are still more likely to end up with a significantly smaller pension than their male colleagues because of barriers that stop them investing. Even women who save according to auto-enrolment guidance issued by the government may still have smaller pensions. Research by investment firm Fidelity International reckons their pension pots will be at … Read more

WASPI Pension Fight Rallies Support From MPs

Cross-party support is growing for women campaigning against changes to state pension age that have left them facing financial hardship in retirement. Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) is angry that women born in the 1950s were not told soon enough about plans to increase the state pension age for women in line with men. … Read more

Gender Gap Won’t Close For Another 70 Years

After decades of striving for equal rights, women will still have to endure almost a century as second best. The World Economic Forum had previously forecast the gender gap would close by 2015, but this has been reviewed and extended to 2186. Instead of narrowing, the gender gap is wider now than at any time … Read more

WASPI Women Challenge State Pension Rules In Court

WASPI women are refusing to take no for an answer in the state pension row with the British government. The protestors – part of Women Against Station Pension Inequality – are funding a legal challenge against the government’s decision to make tens of thousands of women wait longer to collect their retirement cash. Prior to … Read more

New Saudi Laws For Marrying

Expats have to pass some astonishing strict new tests if they want to marry in Saudi Arabia. In a country with a notorious regime that severely represses the rights of women, the new rules make a mockery of marrying for love and instead demand Saudis tick a list of boxes and provide explanations of why … Read more

Women Still Lag Men In Equality At Work

Years of campaigning for equal rights in the workplace have done little to close the pay gap for women, according to new figures. In the 28 nation European Union, the average pay gap is 16.4% in favour of men, says a new report from the EU. Women lag men’s wages by only 5% in Slovenia … Read more

English Is The Language Of Love, Say Daters

English expats have a head start in dating as their accent has been voted the most attractive in the world in a dating survey spanning 24 countries. The English accent was rated ‘hot’ by 27% of men and women taking the Time Out Global Dating Survey. The competition was way behind – the top 10 … Read more

80 Billionaires Richer Than 50% Of The Rest Of Us

Global wealth is gravitating into the hands of the rich elite at an alarming rate that will soon mean 1% of the population will control more cash than the rest of the people in the world combined. The claim, from charity Oxfam, argues this band of ultra-wealthy individuals have built their fortunes by focussing on … Read more