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Best And Worst Cities To Live For Expats


The Syrian capital of Damascus is rated the worst place to live in after suffering from years of civil war, according to a new global survey. The city scored a measly 30.7 points out of an ideal score of 100 to come bottom from 140 cities in the 2019 Economist Liveability Survey. Not far behind … Read more

Poor Security Opens Iot Door For Cryptojackers

Poor security and the proliferation of devices on the internet of things has opened a new source of victims for cryptojackers. Improving technology means devices such as routers and TV sticks are targets for the crooks illicitly mining cryptocurrencies. Cryptojacking is fast taking over as the malware crime of choice, says the latest internet threat … Read more

Who’s Winning The Digital V Hard Currency Battle In 2018?

The investment return on Bitcoin has outstripped the yield of three major currencies this year, according to new data. Bitcoin was not the only cryptocurrency champion – EOS won over 11 currencies and VeChain performed better than five currencies when compared against the US dollar. TRON, Ethereum Classic and Stellar also showed better returns than … Read more

El Petro Cryptocurrency Figures Just Don’t Add Up

The numbers just don’t add up in the first state-backed cryptocurrency offering. Venezuela launched El Petro amid a blaze of publicity with President Nicolas Maduro claiming that the venture raised $5 billion for the cash-strapped economy that has seen inflation rage like a wild fire for the past five years. Mismanagement by the government and … Read more

OPEC Production Pledges Drives Up Oil Prices

Oil prices have hit a two-year high on the expectation that a self-enforced OPEC production curb will continue into 2018. The price per barrel passed the $62 mark for the first time since July 2015 – more than $12 up on the price for the first half of 2017. Rumours coming out of OPEC – … Read more

Which Country Lets People Retire At 49?

The privilege of retiring late in life seems to belong exclusively to the most developed countries, new research suggests. Norway has the oldest official retirement age for men and women since the 1970s – 67 years old. But the good news is the country has a flexible retirement financial strategy that allows Norwegians to draw … Read more

Do You Live In One Of The World’s Happy Places?

Money may not buy love, but it seems to go a long way to securing happiness, according to a new report from the United Nations. The report measures how happy people living in 155 countries really are by speaking to thousands worldwide. One conclusion is that people in many of the countries topping the list … Read more

Banks Besieged As Venezuela Pulls 100 Bolivar Bills

Black market spivs and organised crime gangs are the target of pulling millions of currency notes out of circulation in Venezuela. With inflation so high that the government has stopped recording the statistics, a 100 bolivar note is worth a few US cents on the black market in Caracas and other cities across the economic … Read more

Expats Flee Spain To Avoid Tax On Overseas Assets

Tax changes are believed to have forced thousands of expats to flee their new home in the Spanish sunshine. Official figures show the numbers of European Union expats moving to Spain have fallen year-on-year since 2012 in line with the introduction of the new tax rules. Expats have to declare details about their worldwide income … Read more

Oil Price Rally Helps Stock Markets Recover

Stock markets around the world are floating up as the price of oil increases – but any gains are likely to be short-lived. The price per barrel has slowly climbed to between $50 and $60 in recent days due to bad news from oil producing nations. Three events that cut oil supplies Three incidents have … Read more