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Live Shows Bring In The Cash For High-Earning Musicians

Musicians don’t make money out of selling records or streaming downloads anymore – the big bucks come from live shows. Millions of dollars can come from a world tour and selling ‘merch’ – merchandise like T-shirts, books and clothing – on the door. The list of the biggest earners is not necessarily the same as … Read more

Transition Tax Stumps Accidental Americans And Expats

Tax is getting a little complicated for expat American business owners. An unintended result of President Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a transition tax aimed at the profits of multinational companies. This transition tax demands expats running small businesses abroad should pay a 15.5% tax on foreign earnings held in cash and … Read more

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Trump Lives His Private American Dream

President Donald Trump has told the world that the American dream is alive and thriving after his first year in The White House. But any detail was hard to sift from the unsupported claims in his annual State of the Union speech. The best Trump could manage was that the economy was booming and $1.5 … Read more

Interest Rates Rising For First Time In A Generation

The world is changing for the generation in their mid-30s who have never experienced an interest rate rise – until now. A whole generation has enjoyed record low interest rates for their economically active lifetime. But rates have started to rise in America and the UK, and now other countries are starting to follow the … Read more

OPEC Production Pledges Drives Up Oil Prices

Oil prices have hit a two-year high on the expectation that a self-enforced OPEC production curb will continue into 2018. The price per barrel passed the $62 mark for the first time since July 2015 – more than $12 up on the price for the first half of 2017. Rumours coming out of OPEC – … Read more

IRS Wants To Tax Millions Of Bitcoin Trades

American Bitcoin traders are in the sights of the Internal Revenue Service for failing to report their trading gains. The IRS considers tax on a large share of up to $150 billion of Bitcoin trades should go to the US Treasury and is taking steps to secure the cash. The IRS is waiting for a … Read more

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Expats Need To Be Told More About Their Retirement Options

Financial experts are starting to pick up on the idea that expats are not well-served by their providers once they stop contributing into their pensions. A debate is firing up around the rights of deferred members – those who no longer pay into a pension but have a fund. Research has shown that only 30% … Read more

Trump wants To Scrap Death Tax For The Wealthiest Americans

Donald Trump says America is the most taxed nation on earth, but it’s just not true – plenty of other countries are vying for the title. Take his plan to scrap inheritance tax as part of his self-proclaimed crusade to reform taxes. To a family in Britain, France or Spain, that sounds a marvellous idea. … Read more

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Pension transfers for USA residents

USA Passport

As the latest statistics published by HMRC suggest, overseas pension transfers are on the decline. The rule change in March 2017, in which a 25% exit tax was introduced on any UK pension transferred into a jurisdiction other than that where the investor resides, has negated many of the financial benefits offered the world’s Qualifying … Read more

Public Opinion In Different Countries Can Be Worlds Apart

Governments and public opinion can be worlds apart in the way the view the same topics. Donald Trump’s USA and ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia are good examples. Sometimes it seems the rest of the world has united against The States as Trump tries to stop what he considers undesirables from entering the country. The outcry over … Read more