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Pension Scam Cold Call Ban May Have To Wait Until 2020

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Pension scammers cold-call eight people every second, but the government may not have laws in place to stop them until 2020, a minister has revealed. Around 250 million cold calls are made every year, with 11 million retirement savers receiving calls since April 2015, according to official figures from the Money Advice Service. Fraudsters are … Read more

Tory rebel talks expat voting bill out of time


Conservative MP Phillip Davies appears to have conspired with Labour opponents to see off moves to give expats living overseas for more than 15 years the right to vote in UK elections. He filibustered the Overseas Electors Bill 2017-19 despite the private members bill winning government backing. The bill aimed to scrap the 15 year … Read more

We All Worked 149 Days This Year Just To Pay Our Tax Bills


Taxpayers worked 149 days in 2019 just to earn enough to pay their taxes – but from May 30 onwards, all the money they earn belongs to them. This was the latest date Tax Freedom Day has fallen in the year since 1995, says financial think-tank the Adam Smith Institute. Every year, the institute crunches … Read more

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Taxi Drivers And B&B Owners Are Worst Tax Evaders


If you pay your taxes in full and on time, you will be horrified to know that one in five taxpayers deliberately lie about how much they earn. New research points the finger at the type of person most likely to evade their taxes. More than a fifth of taxpayers ‘under report’ their taxes – … Read more

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Brexit Extension Call To Ward Off No-Deal Exit

Britain has enough of meaningful or crucial votes over Brexit as the sorry saga’s plot  twists and turns yet again. Now, Prime Minister Theresa May is exchanging letters with European Union senior civil servant Donald Tusk. She is asking for a Brexit extension until the end of June with a no-deal departure from the bloc … Read more

Go To A University City For Best Buy To Let Yields

Britain’s best buy to let yields come from shared homes in university cities, according to new research. Despite financial pressures from rising mortgages and the tax man, landlords can expect returns of more than 12% a year. The top postcode for buy to let is Liverpool’s L7, where low house prices and high rents have … Read more

Time Running Out Before Brexit Delay Kicks In


It’s time to take stick of Brexit with just about 10 days to go before Britain departs from the European Union. Will the country slide out of the EU on March 29 without a deal? Unlikely. The smart money is on the EU agreeing an extension on Article 50 to allow Westminster to agree a … Read more

Misinformed Investors Are Hoping For Unrealistic Returns

Over the past 30 years, the average returns of equities on international stock markets have averaged 7.2%, according to the MSCI Worldwide Index. Although investors are hoping for double-digit returns, they are also concerned about the risk of falling markets. In the UK, with Brexit approaching, almost half of investors (48%) prefer cash to investing … Read more

What Are Your Rights If A Flight Is Cancelled?

What are your rights to a refund if an airline cancels your flight before you are due to go on the trip? Thousands of expats face this dilemma as budget airline Ryanair axes thousands of flights due to pilot rostering problems. The issue is not as rare as most expats other than frequent flyers may … Read more

Deafening Silence As MPs Vote For Brexit Delay

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The quiet across Europe was deafening as British MPs voted to ask for a Brexit extension. Normally white hot social media accounts peddling European Union propaganda fell silent. The cut-throat antics at Westminster is shocking as MPs throw off the shackles of party political allegiance in a maelstrom of blood letting against rivals who talk … Read more