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Expat Guide To Living In Dubai

Burj Khalifa in Dubai UAE

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and home to tens of thousands of British expats. Many expats believe Dubai is a country, but Dubai is one of seven separate kingdoms called emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a trendy global city that attracts movie stars, sports stars … Read more

Expat Men Ready To Jump On Plane Home If They Fall Ill

Man in hospital bed

Most expats are so worried about local health care standards in the countries where they are on assignment that they have emergency plans to go home if they fall seriously ill. New research found that 84% of expat men needed health care while living abroad, with 72% expressing concerns about standards and two-thirds ready to … Read more

Struggling Forex Broker Bought Flats With Company Funds

A forex broker whose company was approaching financial meltdown switched £1.05 million from a business account to buy two apartments in Dubai in a relative’s name. Ehsan Tayefi, aged 39, from South West London, was the director of Numex Foreign Exchange Corporation (UK) Ltd. The company carried out foreign currency exchanges through a major platform … Read more

SIPP Option For British Expats In Dubai


International SIPPs can be ideal for British expats in Dubai who fear transferring their UK pension offshore due to the crippling 25% overseas transfer charge. For expats outside Europe, QROPS offshore pensions are not a viable choice if the countries where they live have no QROPS provider unless they are ready to kiss goodbye to … Read more

Million Fliers Can Claim Airline Delay Compensation

A million passengers who missed connecting flights starting in the EU to non-EU destinations due to airport delays can claim compensation following a landmark court ruling. The passengers all missed flights during in the past six years, but can now resubmit them to airlines who must pay up. The move comes after judges at the … Read more

Which Country Lets People Retire At 49?

The privilege of retiring late in life seems to belong exclusively to the most developed countries, new research suggests. Norway has the oldest official retirement age for men and women since the 1970s – 67 years old. But the good news is the country has a flexible retirement financial strategy that allows Norwegians to draw … Read more

Sanctions Against Qatar Impact Thousands Of Expats

The decision by seven countries to start sanctions against the Gulf State of Qatar is impacting on the lives and wealth of hundreds of thousands of expats. The tiny nation sandwiched between the Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia is home to 2.7 million, but the majority are expats. Most are low-status workers from places such … Read more

Healthcare One Of Most Expensive Ways To Spend A Night

Unless you are an expat checking in to one of the world’s most exclusive five star hotels, the most expensive way to spend a night is as a private hospital inpatient. An aging global population coupled with huge strides forward in drugs and technology mean many of us are living longer and need more care … Read more

Millionaire Expats Tread A Well-Worn Path

If you want to become an expat and rub shoulders with millionaires, a new report reveals the best places where you should head for. In 2016, a staggering 82,000 millionaires migrated to start a new life abroad – up almost 25% from 64,000 in the previous year. And their favourite destination for the second year … Read more

No Income Tax Plans For UAE, Confirms Ministry

The United Arab Emirates has shunned calls from the International Monetary Fund to introduce income tax. The Middle East state has an economy heavily reliant on exporting oil and gas, but price falls over the past two years have seen the wealth drain away. To combat the decline in revenue, the governments of Abu Dhabi, … Read more

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