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Financial Package On The Way For Self-Employed


Financial support is coming for freelance and self-employed expats who pay their taxes in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised. In his last Prime Minister’s Questions in a sparse House of Commons before Easter, Johnson announced ministers were “working as fast as we possibly can to get the appropriate package of support for everybody … Read more

How Coronavirus Is Impacting The Climate And How We Work

home office

Coronavirus will change the way we live and do business, according to a technology expert. Up to now, the technology has been available but not used to full potential, but the fear of catching and spreading the deadly illness has changed the world. Businesses are facing seismic changes as markets dry up and travel plans … Read more

Travel Money Secrets Revealed For Expats And Tourists

Forex hacks for expats and travellers can make a huge difference to the cost of spending abroad, but few have the knowledge to make managing their money pay. Independent financial monitor Defaqto has lifted the lid on the cheapest and most expensive ways to spend in a foreign country to help smart travellers make their … Read more

Extreme Team Building Events in the Corporate Environment

Extreme Team Building

In today’s modern world, where everything moves with incredible swiftness, our personal and professional lives are sometimes caught in the whirlpool of perfectly balancing both of their demands with the lack of time. In fact, lack of time is often quoted by responders in studies and surveys related to sport and physical activity. Struggling to … Read more

How Do No-Frills Airlines Make Their Money?

Britain’s short haul budget airline Monarch has crashed into bankruptcy with estimated debts of up to £250 million, which begs the question of just how do discount airlines make money? Some passengers flying between European destinations pay just £35 or so for their seats and established airlines are pulled into the bloodbath to compete for … Read more

What Are Your Rights If A Flight Is Cancelled?

What are your rights to a refund if an airline cancels your flight before you are due to go on the trip? Thousands of expats face this dilemma as budget airline Ryanair axes thousands of flights due to pilot rostering problems. The issue is not as rare as most expats other than frequent flyers may … Read more

Million Fliers Can Claim Airline Delay Compensation

A million passengers who missed connecting flights starting in the EU to non-EU destinations due to airport delays can claim compensation following a landmark court ruling. The passengers all missed flights during in the past six years, but can now resubmit them to airlines who must pay up. The move comes after judges at the … Read more

Why So Many Expat Assignments End Early

The failure rate for expats on international assignments has doubled over the past four years, according to industry experts. Last year, 7.2% of assignments ended early, compared to 4.9% in 2012. The main reason for failure was cultural issues where the assignee or their family struggled to adapt to life in their new home, says … Read more

Cheapest And Most Expensive Cities For Expats

Singapore is the most expensive expat city for the fourth year running, according to the economist Intelligence Unit. The EIU publishes a worldwide cost of living survey each year – and Singapore has consistently taken top place. And in each year Hong Kong has taken second place and Zurich third. The weakening of the Pound … Read more

Where To Buy The Cheapest Duty Free Booze And Cigarettes

Duty free shops are not the cheap havens for buying booze, perfume and trinkets that they are cracked up to be for many expats. Although at least one in three travellers browse the aisles in duty free shops, in many cases the prices are not the bargains they seem to be and in many cases, … Read more

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