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Apple Pitches ‘Affordable’ iPhone SE To Smartphone Mid-Market

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Apple has released a new version of the iPhone aimed at offering a more affordable version of the market-leading smartphone. The iPhone SE starts at £419 – around half the price of many other iPhones. The device features a 4.7-inch retina display and touch ID for enhanced security. Apple says the iPhone SE is re-engineered from … Read more

How Coronavirus Is Impacting The Climate And How We Work

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Coronavirus will change the way we live and do business, according to a technology expert. Up to now, the technology has been available but not used to full potential, but the fear of catching and spreading the deadly illness has changed the world. Businesses are facing seismic changes as markets dry up and travel plans … Read more

Bitcoin Takes Another Dive As Price Crashes To $9,500

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Cryptocurrency has taken a bashing again – and much of the problem was self-inflicted. The price of Bitcoin has tumbled after flirting within grasp of a new year high of $14,000. The exchange rate is now struggling to maintain $9,500 after losing 8% of value in a day. The slump follows a sustained attack from … Read more

Bing Ban For 500,000 Cryptocurrency Ads


Microsoft’s internet browser Bing blocked more than 5 million cryptocurrency ads last year. The data was revealed in Microsoft’s annual review of advertising quality. Microsoft explained that digital advertising is a powerful and open channel. “it is also prone to abuse by bad actors trying to defraud and deceive users by delivering harmful and misleading … Read more

Scam Alert As Fraudsters Blitz UK Taxpayers


Taxpayers can expect to be hit by a slew of scam messages purporting to offer refunds over the coming weeks. HM Revenue & Customs warns that the scammers tend to hit every spring because they know tens of thousands of taxpayers are sent their self-assessment refunds at this time of year. Investigators expect taxpayers to pick … Read more

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Best Countries For Expats To Stay Connected Online


Staying connected online is vital for expats – so where are the countries with the best digital services? Expat group InterNations has polled thousands of expats around the world to find the best – and worst – connected countries. The results are published in the report Digital Life Abroad. Expats were asked to rate the … Read more

Cryptojacking Detections Soar By 450%

Cryptojacking has increased by more than 450% this year and shows no sign of slowing down, according to new research. Cryptojacking is when a remote computer illicitly takes control of a device and harnesses the processor power to mine cryptocurrency. The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) says detections of malware have increased by 459% in 2018. … Read more

Online Shoppers Just A Click Away From Crypto Payments

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If you want to go shopping online to pay in cryptocurrency, a new app for one of the world’s leading shopping platforms will open the way. Magento is a market-leading shopping and payment software system for online merchants with more than 200,000 web store outlets selling just about anything anyone would want to buy while … Read more

Everything you need to know about blockchain technology

Blockchain is one of the most-used buzzwords of the modern internet, but as fintech providers adapt the technology to deliver new and secure online services, few understand completely how the blockchain works. Experts claim the impact of blockchain applications will be enormous, but years may pass before the full effect is felt. Here, we look … Read more

Google Does A U-Turn Over Crypto Exchange Ads

Google is the latest internet giant to make a U-turn by overturning an advertising ban on cryptocurrency exchanges. The search goliath joined Facebook and Twitter earlier in the year with a blanket ban on cryptocurrency advertising. The online corporations were concerned that unscrupulous crooks were ripping off users with scam initial coin offerings (ICOs) and … Read more