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Entrepreneurs Raise Billions From Tax-Efficient Investments


Savvy investors have ploughed cash worth billions into tax efficient savings, the latest official data shows. HM Revenue & Customs oversees three investment schemes offering generous tax breaks, raising almost £3 billion in the 2017-18 tax year. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) attracted the most cash – £1.9 billion going to 3,920 companies, says the … Read more

What Is The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme?


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a great way of saving tax for anyone paying at the highest rates. The generous tax breaks wrapped around SEIS are what makes the investment so attractive. But like any investment, the best returns come with the greatest risks, and SEIS is no different even though the government … Read more

Millennials Have Unrealistic Hopes For Inheritance

Millennials relying on an inheritance to help them buy a home have an unrealistic outlook, according to a new survey. Researchers found one in seven young adults were waiting for an inheritance before they reached the age of 35, even though the usual age to receive an inheritance is between 55 and 64 years old. … Read more

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Brexit Chaos Delays Probate Fee Hike

At last some good has come out of Brexit as the Ministry of Justice confirms a probate fee hike planned for April 1 has been shelved until further notice. The lack of Parliamentary time due to Brexit is blamed for delay. A Ministry of Justice spokesman explained the regulations to increase probate fees would go … Read more

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Soaring Home Values Boost IHT Tax Take

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Astonishing new official figures show that where your home is when you die has a huge bearing on how much inheritance tax is paid on your estate. The major factor is house prices and anyone with a home in London of the South-East pays more to the government. That’s because house prices inflate the value … Read more

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Middle-Aged Don’t Trust Family With Their Money

Concerns over trusting dishonest relatives with their money are stopping one in three middle-aged people from making financial arrangements for their later years. Giving someone power of attorney is the recognised way of appointing a trusted person to manage someone’s finances once they can no longer do so themselves. But 79% of over 45s do … Read more

What’s Best For Savers – A Pension Or ISA?

If you have some extra cash savings ready for investing at the end of the financial year, what’s best – a pension or an ISA? Both offer tax-efficient saving, but deciding which one offers the best benefits is tough. Pensions and ISAs are not either/or investments, but different ways to reach the same goal. Few … Read more

Tax Deadline Day Looms For UK Crypto Investors

If you are a British cryptocurrency trader, the deadline day for tax filing is fast approaching, but do you know if you have any profits to declare – and if so how to declare them? The answer is probably no as cryptocurrency is a fiendishly complicated market with fluid rules and boundaries. A cryptocurrency is … Read more