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Cities Where Money Can Buy The Megarich Happiness

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The saying goes money can’t always buy happiness, and for the most part that seems true in a new global city wellbeing index. International property consultants Knight Frank have produced a wealth report for 2020 that charts the fortunes and lifestyles of the megarich and the places where they feel the happiest. One of the … Read more

Banking On The Rich Could Be A Risky Proposition

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If you are super rich but need some extra cash to buy that special plane or yacht, then Swiss bank Credit Suisse is the place to go. The bank is changing tack away from financing business to offering loans to the wealthy for those luxury purchases. The bank’s accounts reveal a massive jump in lending … Read more

Expat Careers Are Not Just About The Money

With the whole world to choose from, picking the best place for an expat career is not always easy. But HSBC Bank comes to the rescue with a breakdown of favourite destinations for work-minded expats. The survey reveals different locations offer varied packages. For learning new skills and to progress a career, Britain is one … Read more

The World’s Most Expensive Cities For Expats

A new survey has revealed the five most expensive cities to live in the world after months crunching numbers supplied by thousands of expats. Switzerland takes three of the five places – with Zurich and Geneva taking first and second and Bern coming in fifth. Making up the other places are Grand Cayman in third … Read more

Switzerland Is Officially The World’s Happiest Place

Put several expats together in a room and they will talk about two things – home and their favourite expat destination. It’s difficult to evaluate why somewhere is rated higher by one expat than another, but the United Nations has tried with the World Happiness Report. Published every year, researches try to work out the … Read more

HSBC Tax Scandal Triggers Criminal Investigations

HSBC is under siege as governments around the world launch criminal investigations into allegations the bank’s Swiss private banking branch helped 100,000 wealthy clients evade their taxes. Fraud investigators in the US, France, Belgium and Argentina are building cases against the bank. The case dates back to 2010 when HSBC computer programmer Herve Falciani downloaded … Read more

Why The Swiss Decided To Cut Links With The Euro

Panic in the foreign exchange markets followed the sudden decoupling of the Swiss France from the Euro. Hedge funds, forex speculators and stock markets all suffered as a result of the measure. English Premier League football club West Ham shirt sponsors Alpari, a retail currency exchange, announced going into insolvency after suffering massive losses – … Read more

Swiss Bank Pulls The Plug On FATCA

Barclays Bank in Switzerland is one of the first banks to drop out of the new US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) laws.  The bank has announced pulling out of FATCA after taking legal advice.  FATCA is run by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and requires foreign banks to report the financial details … Read more

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Welcome In The Swiss Hillsides For Expats

Switzerland will continue to offer generous tax breaks to wealthy expats after a national vote rejected proposals to axe the laws. The referendum showed 61% of voters were against the plan to change tax laws for expats. The Swiss population of about 8 million already comprises around 25% of foreigners. Campaigners claimed the number was … Read more

Expats Give Up Their Lifestyle Secrets

Expats looking for a chilled lifestyle should think about packing their bags and heading for Switzerland, according to a new survey. Switzerland topped the latest HSBC Expat Explorer Survey of 34 countries by offering some of the best salaries coupled with a high quality lifestyle and good work/life balance. Expats heaped compliments on the Alpine … Read more