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Markets Catch A Cold From Coronavirus Wonder Drug Failure

Drugs, medicine and pills in a box

Share prices around the world have dropped after a potential wonder drug for treating coronavirus failed medical trials in China. Medics have pinned their hopes on Gilead Sciences treatment remdesivir offering a respite from the pandemic. But researchers in China reported the drug had no discernible effect on coronavirus patients despite test results to the … Read more

Shareholder Perks – A Bonus For Investing

Discounts notice

If you watch how you spend your money and try hard to save, there ‘s one trick you may be missing – shareholder perks. Investors do not have to plough wads of money into a company to qualify for extra discounts and exclusive deals. In fact, they may be a lot cheaper than you think. … Read more

Stock Markets Slump To Worst Quarter In 37 Years

stock markets down

Stock markets slumped to record losses in the first three mnths of the year due to fears over how coronavirus impacts the world economy  and investments. As the largest falls recorded for quarterly trading in 37 years hit the markets, London‘s FTSE dived 23% and New York’s Dow Jones plunged 25%. Most other markets around … Read more

Top 20 Funds For Spreading Global Investment Risk

Neil Woodford’s demise as a celebrated fund manager has prompted many investors to diversify – but the problem is where to look for suitable investments. If you are making a single investment to spread across lots of different stocks, sectors and countries, then the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has put together a list of … Read more

Share Tipster’s Ad Claims Were Misleading

watch dog

A UK consumer watchdog is warning investors to watch out for companies making misleading claims about share tip services online. The warning follows an investigation into a firm trading as Stockmarket Insider. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) picked up three complaints from rival investment web site and magazine The Motley Fool. The complaints alleged three … Read more

Men Take More Risks With Their Money Than Women

risk reward

Men are more likely to take risks when investing their money than women, who are much more conservative with their cash. One in four men will invest any spare cash they have in riskier investments, compared to one in six women. But just over half of men (51%) are confident that their investments will deliver … Read more

Cash Rich Investors Look For Right Moment To Pounce

Investors have a pile of cash and are keen to find the right opportunities to invest, according to a new study. More than 3,600 investors and entrepreneurs worldwide were quizzed about their investment plans for the rest of the year. Double the number (51%) were optimistic about the global economy picking up, compared with 21% … Read more

Brexit Deadlock As Agreement Talks Fail

Brexit takes the lead in the latest market moves as the FTSE slumped on news that talks between Britain and the EU are deadlocked. Neither side can agree a deal that presents the withdrawal agreement in a way MPs feel they can support, bringing fears of a No Deal exit into perspective. The EU has … Read more

SEIS Tax Breaks – What Investors Need To Know


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) promises investors a lot – but some quirky rules need following to make the most of the tax breaks. Guidance from HM Revenue & Customs would have most investors believing that tax reliefs are automatic – but they are not. How long do I have to keep SEIS shares? … Read more

Brexit Is A Sad Time For Europe, Says Donald Tusk


Brexit is having a disastrous impact on plans for closer integration in Europe, says European Council president Donald Tusk. He claims his time is now spent on patching up a disintegrating Europe rather than promoting closer ties between the EU nations. “I believe Brexit is one of the saddest moments in 21st century European history … Read more