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Millions Siphoned From Offshore Pension Fund


Pension directors sucked millions of pounds from money thousands of investors had staked against an offshore plantation scheme. Around 3,500 investors had ploughed £70 million in cash into Ethical Forestry Ltd, says the government’s business conduct watchdog, The Insolvency Service. The company owned 80% of a Costa Rica company that owned land and a sawmill. … Read more

Self-Employed Will Only Save For Retirement If Forced


Half of the self-employed would willingly save into a pension – but only if the government brings in automatic enrolment regulations. Otherwise, thousands of workers will continue without any retirement savings, says a new report by investment house Fidelity International. One of the big issues about saving for the self-employed is locking away money. Pension … Read more

Is Consolidating Pensions Worth The Bother?


British workers move jobs an average 11 times during their working lives and often leave a small pension pot behind. The chances are these are likely to be defined contribution pensions that come without any guarantees and fund sizes depend on investment performance. This is also likely to mean they come at a price – … Read more

Time Running Out For British Steel Pension Decision

If you have cash in the British Steel pension scheme you need to brace yourself for some tricky financial decisions about your retirement. You do not have to do anything, but will likely see your pension picked up by the safety net of the Pension Protection Fund. The good news is the PPF will safeguard … Read more

Don’t Forget Your Pension When You Move Jobs

What to do with the money in your pension pot is not one of the things that leaps to mind when changing jobs – but it should. Next to a home, a pension is probably the biggest asset most people will ever own. It is easy to overlook pension benefits in the excitement of changing … Read more

New QROPS Code On The Way From Pension Watchdog

Moves to clean up Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes for expats is missing the mark, according to critics. The aim is to stop fraudsters stealing pension cash by making more checks into the people behind the scheme and the way money transferred in is invested and managed. The Pension Liberation Industry Group (PLIG) is updating … Read more

How Tax Residence Impacts UK Savings And Pensions

Simply leaving Britain to live or work overseas for a stretch of time does not make you non-resident for tax. That statement may come as a bit of a surprise, but expats do not decide to become non-resident, a set of rules decides the issue for them. The rules are laid out in the statutory … Read more

Offshore pension jargon explained

Pensions are confusing, but offshore pensions are even worse because they involve unfamiliar terms and rules that few retirement savers run into unless they are expats. Here are some of the most common terms bandied about by expats and their financial advisers explained: Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) – A special pension for British … Read more

SIPP Option For British Expats In Dubai


International SIPPs can be ideal for British expats in Dubai who fear transferring their UK pension offshore due to the crippling 25% overseas transfer charge. For expats outside Europe, QROPS offshore pensions are not a viable choice if the countries where they live have no QROPS provider unless they are ready to kiss goodbye to … Read more

Just What Assets Can You Hold In A Pension?

Financial advisers often talk about the wide range of investments retirement savers can hold in a SIPP without explaining just what these investments are. So, here’s a list of allowable pension investments from HM Revenue and Customs. These are investments that can be held in a SIPP without triggering an ‘unauthorised asset’ penalty. Holding moveable … Read more