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Shopping For A Bargain Can Cost More Than Buying New

Buying a bargain because the cost is cheaper than buying new has proved a false economy for thousands of shoppers. One in three consumers regret not shelling out a few extra pounds to buy new, according to a survey from Sainsbury’s Bank. Paying car and home insurance premiums monthly was another regret for 29% of … Read more

Pension Passport Triggers Savers Into Action


Cutting red tape and diluting the financial options for retirement down to just one page has paid off for savers unsure what to do about their pension money. The government’s Behavioural Insights Team – better known as the ‘nudge unit’ – designed a pension passport for three major providers to send to their customers who … Read more

Savers Need To Know More About Pensions


Most pension savers have no idea how much to put aside each month and want the government to set them minimum contribution levels. Shocking statistics that show how little most savers understand about their retirement savings show three out of four would prefer to be told how much to save rather than figure the problem … Read more

Retirement Finances Are Too Complicated For Most Savers

Savers find working out their retirement finances years in advance is too complicated, say pension experts. Actuaries from the US, Britain and Australia looked at why people in each country seem to struggle with pensions and savings. They found a common reason – they lack vital information about how to save, such as: How much … Read more

How To Mind That Gap In Retirement Savings


Most retirement savers have a gap between the money they have and the amount they think they will need to fund a comfortable retirement. Unless they are wealthy, it’s likely most savers believe they do not have enough in the bank, investments and their pensions. But it’s time to stop worrying and take action. Even … Read more

How Much Is Your Pension Fund Worth?

If you are saving into a pension, you are probably wondering how much money you will get on retirement. It’s a common question retirement savers ask and not always easy to work out. Taking money from a pension is easier than ever once you reach 55 years old, but the options for accessing the fund … Read more

Most Pension Scammers Are Advisers, Say Financial Firms


Crooked advisers are to blame for most investment scams, according to a probe by pension providers determined to root out the fraudsters. The Pensions Scams Industry Group (PSIG) came to the conclusion after scrutinising more than 27,000 pension transfers from defined benefit to defined contribution schemes by three providers – Phoenix Life, Standard Life and … Read more

Retirement Myths You Really Should Ignore

Working out how much you need to save for retirement is a dilemma especially when you are bombarded with seemingly conflicting advice. Picking the right advice to suit your lifestyle and finances is hard. But here are four retirement saving myths you really should ignore. Life’s cheaper when you stop working That’s the theory, but … Read more

You Can Choose To Save If You Really Want


Everyone can make excuses about why they do not have enough to fund a comfortable retirement, but we all know the most likely reason is we have decided not to choose to save. Lifestyle choices, illness and other events can all play a part, but most workers can afford to save a little a lot … Read more

Six Big Pension Cash Questions You Need To Ask


Retirement savers have had more choice about how they spend the money in their pensions for more than two years, but not everyone understands how pension freedoms work. Often the problem is making financial decisions in the wrong order, which can lead to costly risks and potentially paying too much tax. Rather than taking the … Read more