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Over 50s Spending Spree Boosts Economy By Billions

Older consumers are a benefit to the economy rather than a drain on resources, according to new research. The over 50s will spend 63p in every £1 in the UK by 2040 – rising from 54p in the £1 in 2018. And the money is spent across the board rather than on specific goods and … Read more

Cremations Are A Hot Trend For Funerals


People have grave concerns about a traditional funeral and are opting for cremations instead. Four out of five funerals in the UK are cremations and relatives and loved ones are looking for more memorable and unique ways to celebrate their loss. Spreading ashes has become more important than the funeral service, with families and friends … Read more

How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?

Money can’t buy love or happiness, but having enough to spend can make you happier, according to new research. The revealing study has found that cash and happiness are closely related, but people do not need to be wealthy to be happy – just £82 more than you need to spend every week does the … Read more

You’re Not The Only One Who Makes Big Spending Mistakes

If you have ever splashed the cash and made a big mistake you have had to live with for a while, then join the club! Around 75% of people admit they have made an embarrassing financial mistake, while the rest are probably too red-faced to admit their indiscretion. The most common regret is not saving … Read more

Most Retirees Think They Stopped Working Too Soon

Most retired people over 50 believe they stopped working too soon, according to the surprise results of a new survey. Although millions of workers are angry and dismayed that the government is shifting the state retirement age farther away, 85% of those already retired rue the day they gave up work. On average, says the … Read more

Expat Favourites Are The World’s Most Liveable Cities

Expat favourites Australia and Canada top the list of the world’s most liveable countries, according to a new survey. Melbourne ranks the best place to live in the world, closely followed by Adelaide and Perth. While Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary in Canada also scoop top spots. Making up the rest of the top 10 world … Read more

Women Still Lag Men In Equality At Work

Years of campaigning for equal rights in the workplace have done little to close the pay gap for women, according to new figures. In the 28 nation European Union, the average pay gap is 16.4% in favour of men, says a new report from the EU. Women lag men’s wages by only 5% in Slovenia … Read more

English Is The Language Of Love, Say Daters

English expats have a head start in dating as their accent has been voted the most attractive in the world in a dating survey spanning 24 countries. The English accent was rated ‘hot’ by 27% of men and women taking the Time Out Global Dating Survey. The competition was way behind – the top 10 … Read more

Retirees Expect £17,000 A Year Pension Income

People giving up work this year expect to have an annual retirement income of £17,000 – the highest level for more than six years. Flexible access to pension funds and more consumer confidence in the economy are boosting pensions, according to financial firm The Prudential. Their study shows average retirement incomes are up 8% from … Read more