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What Sort Of Home Does $1 Million Buy For An Expat?

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Just what does a million dollars buy a wealthy expat looking for a home in one of the world’s thriving cities? Not as much as you would like to think, according to research by international property consultants Knight Frank. Researchers looked at real estate listings in 20 cities and found that $1 million would buy … Read more

Global House Price Inflation Drops By Nearly A Third In A Year

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Average global house prices rose by 4.5% last year – dropping from 7% a year earlier, according to new data. The latest house price rankings show a big about turn, with every Chinese city except Hong Kong plunging out of the top 20, with cities from Germany, The Netherlands and Europe racing up the chart. … Read more

Millennials Have Unrealistic Hopes For Inheritance

Millennials relying on an inheritance to help them buy a home have an unrealistic outlook, according to a new survey. Researchers found one in seven young adults were waiting for an inheritance before they reached the age of 35, even though the usual age to receive an inheritance is between 55 and 64 years old. … Read more

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More Than 40% of Billionaire’s Row Condos Unsold

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It’s been five years since New York was crowned as the world’s top financial centre. NYC has since held on to that spot, followed by the likes of London and Hong Kong. However, a recent new development could potentially threaten the Big Apple’s long financial reign. Million-Dollar Condos Up For Grabs In New York City’s … Read more

Go To A University City For Best Buy To Let Yields

Britain’s best buy to let yields come from shared homes in university cities, according to new research. Despite financial pressures from rising mortgages and the tax man, landlords can expect returns of more than 12% a year. The top postcode for buy to let is Liverpool’s L7, where low house prices and high rents have … Read more

Landlords Leave Students In Damp Homes Infested By Rats

Landlords are accused of ignoring complaints from thousands of students live in horrid homes infested by rats. The shocking revelation comes from a report by the National Union of Students that asked more than 2,000 students about the condition of their rented homes. A massive 42% are living in homes with damp and mould on … Read more

House Price Rates Drop By 50% Worldwide

House price rises are slowing down across the world, according to property experts. Prices in almost nine out of 10 countries tracked by international property consultants Knight Frank returned increasing values – but the rate was around half that of the previous three months. At the top of the 56-country table, 13 of the top … Read more

Buy To Let Rents Keep Pace With Rising Inflation

Buy to let rents are just keeping pace with inflation, according to the latest data. Landlords saw a 2.1% rise in rents for the year to the end of October, while the cost of living was up 2.2%. But the money paid by tenants varied widely across the country. Rents rose the most in Northern … Read more

Property Tax Shock Awaits Returning British Expats

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Expats looking to move back to the UK could face unexpected property tax bills. Everyone buying a home in England must pay stamp duty on property purchases of more than £125,000, while Scotland and Wales have their own rules. But many expats do not realise they could fall outside of the normal stamp duty rules … Read more

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Buy To Let Tax Hike Curbs Landlord Spending On Homes

Higher tax bills are encouraging landlords to invest less in buy to let even though tenant demand for rental homes is high at rents are rising. Since former Chancellor George Osborne made buying investment property more expensive by adding a 3% surcharge to stamp duty and slashing tax breaks for landlords with mortgages, landlords have … Read more