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Drawing of Dubai skyline, buildings, Burj

Expat Guide To Living In Dubai

In this Expat Guide we explore Living in Dubai as an expatriate. Visa, residency, work permits and law. Get up to date with the latest Dubai has to offer expats

Expat property home in Greece

Expat Guide to Buying Property in Greece

In this expat guide we explore how buying Property in Greece works, what to expect from the process, and ways to ensure you’re getting the best value


Expat Guide to Buying Property In Turkey

Buying a home along the beautiful turquoise Turkish coastline is a dream for thousands of expats.  If you’re one step closer to making that aspiration

Expat Guide To Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is a massively exciting step, whether you’re headed for distant shores to enjoy a well-earned retirement or embarking on new career. This Expat

Spain Barcelona

Expat Guide to Living in Spain

Spain is the most popular European destination for British expats by a long way with around 761,000 living there, and that number doesn’t show any


Expats Face New IHT Tax Grab

The British government is stepping up a tax grab than could cost expats who own homes in the UK up to 40% of the value

Non Resident Landlord Scheme

Non Resident Landlord Scheme, NRLS

You don’t have to be a full time expat to fall under the tax rules of non resident landlord scheme. Although most people would take