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Non Resident Landlord Scheme, NRLS

Non Resident Landlord Scheme

You don’t have to be a full time expat to fall under the tax rules of non resident landlord scheme. Although most people would take non-resident as a landlord living permanently outside the UK, the scheme follows a different logic. Strict rules decide how any income tax on property rental profits is paid, so getting … Read more

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Now Landlords Have To Check For Dirty Air In Buy To Lets

Tenant in rented property wearing a mask due to air pollution

Dirty air in buy to let homes is the net issue on the agenda for hard-pressed landlords. From next year, property investors must tell renters about pollution levels in their homes before a tenancy starts. The measure is part of ‘material property information’ landlords and home sellers must make available to potential tenants or buyers … Read more

Expat Landlords Get Buy To Let Mortgage Aid

The financial pain of coronavirus uncertainty for buy to let landlords has been eased by the housing minister. Secretary for Housing Robert Jenrick is extending a mortgage lifeline to landlords who pass on the help to tenants who cannot pay the rent due to illness or the loss of income due to the deadly virus. … Read more

Builders Scamming Online Find-A-Trader Sites

Unscrupulous builders are scamming online find-a-trader platforms by bribing customers to post fake reviews, a web site owner claims. Even though thousands of home owners rely on honest review sites when making a choice about which tradesmen to hire, customers are offered cash discounts to post favourable reviews of their work. The revelation comes from … Read more

Email signature slip-up costs land seller £25,000

A lawyer has cost a client selling land £25,000 with a slip up over an automated electronic signature. The lawyer sent an email confirming the sale for £175,000 by email with an auto-generated signature block – and later tried to back out of the deal claiming no contracts had been signed by both parties as … Read more

Property v Pension – What’s The Best Retirement Plan?

Choosing how to grow your money for a comfortable retirement is a vexing question for many investors – and there doesn’t seem to be a correct answer. Picking the right investment horse to back is tricky and can have lifestyle changing repercussions when you reach retirement age. The favourites are property and pensions, but which … Read more

How Tax Planning Can Backfire For Property Partners

Property cost

Forming a limited liability partnership is a popular tax planning strategy for landlords – but there must be a sound commercial reason for doing so. Making the move to avoid tax is not enough because of strict General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR) that let HM Revenue & Customs unwind the changes to reclaim wrongly claimed … Read more

Watchdogs Ban Tax Firm’s Misleading Ads After HMRC Complaint

watch dog

Advertising watchdogs have banned financial advisers from marketing a scheme that claims to save stamp duty of up to 60% when buying a home. HM Revenue & Customs complained about the claims on the web site of CDP Tax and Wealth Ltd trading as Fiducia Wealth & Tax. The web site said: “Calculate Stamp Duty … Read more

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We All Worked 149 Days This Year Just To Pay Our Tax Bills


Taxpayers worked 149 days in 2019 just to earn enough to pay their taxes – but from May 30 onwards, all the money they earn belongs to them. This was the latest date Tax Freedom Day has fallen in the year since 1995, says financial think-tank the Adam Smith Institute. Every year, the institute crunches … Read more

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