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No Deal Brexit State Pension Bombshell For Expats

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The British government will safeguard state pension uplifts for expats in Europe for three years after Brexit – with future rises dependent on negotiating a new agreement. The hammer blow was meant to reassure state pensioners overseas, but has had the opposite effect. Around 222,000 British expats live in the European Economic Area (EEA), together … Read more

The 10 Friendliest Countries That Welcome Expats


Living among sociable locals makes life easier for expats – but where are the world’s friendliest countries? A new survey reveals that the warmest welcome is in Mexico, where it’s not just the weather that’s hot but the attitude of the locals as well. Nine out of 10 expats responding to a survey by the … Read more

35 Countries Set To Licence Crypto Exchanges Like Banks

The world’s leading economies have agreed a strategy to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges in the same way as they lay down rules for commercial banks to operate. The plan was drawn up by the Financial Action Task Force– a talking shop and think-tank for 353 of the world’s leading economic nations. A report agreed and circulated … Read more

Golden Passports Are Potential Tax Dodges, Says OECD

Global tax authorities are worried that rich expats are hiding their wealth in golden passport schemes. The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and development (OECD) has blacklisted 28 schemes in 17 countries that sell the wealthy and their families passports or visas in return for investment. The OECD claims the schemes give the wealthy access to … Read more

JK Rowling Is Europe’s Highest Paid Celebrity

Writer JK Rowling is the highest paid celebrity in Europe – she also earned more than any other writer in the world this year. Rowling raked in $95 million, with half of the money coming from her latest venture – the stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The script sold 1.3 million copies … Read more

Where To Go In Europe For A Golden Visa

British expats are thought to be waiting to leap at the chance of a golden visa if the UK’s Brexit negotiations with the European Union fails to deliver the certainty of residence they require. But what is a golden visa and how do you get hold of one? Here is a list of EU countries … Read more

Golden Visas Lure Thousands Wealthy To Live In Europe

Controversial golden visas are proving a huge draw to Europe for wealthy expat investors. The visas allow foreigners to buy the right to live in one of several European Union countries. Many claim the visas are honey pots to lure rich business people from other countries, while others view them as tools to encourage investment … Read more

Has Brexit Affected Citizenship by Investment in the EU?


Scenic views, idyllic scenery and the feeling of content often accompanies us when we travel to lands afar. But these vacation destinations are giving way to something much more permanent; vacations are no longer in demand – passports are. Investors, entrepreneurs and international families have increasingly indulged in obtaining 2nd citizenships over the last 30 … Read more

Global House Prices On The Rise

House prices around the world increased in most countries last year, according to the latest statistics from the International Monetary Fund. Prices are tracked in 64 countries – with home values going up in 51. Leading the table were Qatar (up 15.5%); New Zealand (15%) and Hong Kong (14.1%) Other nations with double-digit rises were … Read more

World’s Most Secret Tax Hideaways Revealed

Expats can see how the country where they live or invest ranks on a new global financial secrecy index. The index rates countries according to the financial secrecy laws and level of offshore financial activity. The Tax Justice Network, an independent lobby group of journalists and financial analysts has compiled the index. The group estimates … Read more

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