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Politicians Ponder How To Exit The Coronavirus Lockdown

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World leaders are beginning to realise that there’s a lack of co-ordination over action to tackle the coronavirus crisis. Although doctors and academics are working together to make sense of data and come up with a vaccine, politicians are enforcing different sets of rules. In the UK, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has announced a three-week … Read more

Great Repeal Bill Set To Scrap EU Law In Britain

Hot on the heels of triggering Brexit, the British government has released the Great Repeal Bill to scrap or adapt EU laws covering everything from rights for workers to looking after the environment. The draft bill is to make sure that EU laws are transferred to British statute book by the time the Brexit talks … Read more

Brexit Leadership Deals No One Signed Up For


Britain’s political slate is about to be wiped clean as politicians on all sides of Parliament resign as part of the Brexit fall out. However, as the dust settles and the way ahead becomes clearer, the future of the country appears to be in the hands of a minority of left and right activists rather … Read more

Brexit And Article 50 Explained For Expats

Britain is leaving the European Union and the treaty agreement that triggers the official departure is Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – but how does this work? Article 50 works a little like a divorce. The Brexit referendum result has set up the separation procedure, but Britain’s relationship with the EU does not finally … Read more

Revealed – The Happiest Place To Live In The World

Everyone wants to be happy – so where is the best place for expats to go to enjoy their lifestyle? According to the latest World Happiness Report, the answer is somewhat surprising. The answer is nowhere most people would expect – like the USA or a sandy Pacific island or a place where the sun … Read more

Osborne Carefully Shuffles His Financial Deck

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The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2015 was more about cuts and shuffling his limited financial resources around to plug holes in health, police, defence and welfare spending than tax. For most taxpayers, their status remains the same, with no major changes. George Osborne took labour’s thunder away on two counts – U-turns on withdrawing tax credits … Read more

Multinationals To Face United EU Tax Front

Multinational companies will no longer be able to manipulate tax rules in different European states to minimise their taxes. Under a new European directive, all European Union countries will automatically exchange information on tax rulings. The Economics and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union has agreed to set up a central database of tax … Read more

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Election 2015 – Cameron Leads Tories To Blue Heaven

The campaigning’s over, the votes are in and counted and against all odds Prime Minister David Cameron has won a second term in Downing Street with a narrow majority government. In 24 hours of shocks and rival party leaders dropping like flies, a BBC TV exit poll was spot on in forecasting Cameron would win … Read more

Pension Liberation Chaos As Regulators Fail To Act

Action against pension liberation scams is in a mess as regulators and the government have failed to tackle the problem head-on. The row about whether pension liberation is a fraud or scam has rumbled on for years and no one in an official post has come up with an answer. At one time or another, … Read more