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FATCA – 112 Countries Sign Up For Tax Network

From July 1, 2014, the world is divided into two distinct halves – those confirming to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and those who are not. The United Nations officially lists 229 nations in the world. According to the US Treasury, 112 are either signed up FATCA members or have indicated they … Read more

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Inflation Goes Crackers In Caracas

Inflation in Caracas, Venezuela, has gone crackers making the city the most expensive overseas destination for expats, according to new figures from industry experts. A cost of living rate of 80% has rocketed the city from a ranking of 32 last year to the top of the table – 40% ahead of last year’s top … Read more

Another Kick In The Teeth For Expat State Pensioners

Expats are still getting a raw deal from the British state pension even though they can pay more to top up their contributions. As the government introduces the pension top-up that lets those approaching retirement buy extra state pension payments, tens of thousands of expats will have to pay more to get less. While those … Read more

Expensive Tag Is Unfair On Singapore Says Minister

Angry ministers and economists have hit back at a survey rating Singapore as the most expensive city to locate as an expat. The claim was made in a study from The Economist Intelligence Unit, but local economists and the government have hit back against the claim. Instead, they say although the survey is a useful … Read more

A FATCA Map Of The World For US Taxpayers

The latest update on the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) shows how the tax landscape across the world is changing. The progress of governments signing and negotiating FATCA pacts with the US is tracked by financial information firm Thomson Reuters. The organisation has just released a FATCA map of the world quoted as … Read more

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Spanish Hospitals Force Brits To Pay For Free Treatment

hospital bill

Spanish hospitals are refusing to accept the European health insurance card (EHIC) carried by British expats and holidaymakers, forcing the European Commission to step in and investigate. British insurance firms have lodged complaints since increasing numbers of Brits have been told by hospitals that they must pay for their treatment and claim the cost back … Read more

Britain Grows Poorer While Expats Surge Ahead

Britain’s Open Invitation To The Most Talented Expats

Official wealth statistics paint a miserable picture of falling incomes and living standards in Britain while those in many popular expat destinations are doing much better. The report from the UK Office of National Statistics reveals that Britain dropped from fifth place in 2005 in a league table of household income to twelfth place just … Read more