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Cities Where Money Can Buy The Megarich Happiness

Happy couple in a city

The saying goes money can’t always buy happiness, and for the most part that seems true in a new global city wellbeing index. International property consultants Knight Frank have produced a wealth report for 2020 that charts the fortunes and lifestyles of the megarich and the places where they feel the happiest. One of the … Read more

No Deal Brexit State Pension Bombshell For Expats

u and eu flag

The British government will safeguard state pension uplifts for expats in Europe for three years after Brexit – with future rises dependent on negotiating a new agreement. The hammer blow was meant to reassure state pensioners overseas, but has had the opposite effect. Around 222,000 British expats live in the European Economic Area (EEA), together … Read more

35 Countries Set To Licence Crypto Exchanges Like Banks

The world’s leading economies have agreed a strategy to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges in the same way as they lay down rules for commercial banks to operate. The plan was drawn up by the Financial Action Task Force– a talking shop and think-tank for 353 of the world’s leading economic nations. A report agreed and circulated … Read more

How Does The State Pension Rank Where You Live?

A major review of international state pension schemes claims some risk creating unfairness between generations. Pension experts ranked pensions in 30 countries to come up with the results. Denmark came out on top for the sixth year in a row, while Japan, Austria, Italy, and France were held as examples of developed economies whose pension … Read more

Property Scammers Con Investors Out Of £7.8 Million

A web of interlinked property companies that were behind a sophisticated £8 million property scam have been wound up in the public interest. The companies were run from a single address – a former convent in Woodchester, just outside Stroud in Gloucestershire. The scam was masterminded by bankrupt husband and wife team Matthew and Charlotte … Read more

Which Country Lets People Retire At 49?

The privilege of retiring late in life seems to belong exclusively to the most developed countries, new research suggests. Norway has the oldest official retirement age for men and women since the 1970s – 67 years old. But the good news is the country has a flexible retirement financial strategy that allows Norwegians to draw … Read more

What To Do About a Pension If You’re Moving Overseas

Most people leave the country to live somewhere warmer with a cheaper cost of living without giving a thought to what happens to their pension. But before you wave goodbye to Britain, it’s worth taking some time to find out how the move may impact retirement savings and the tax paid on them. Most people … Read more

The Best Countries Are The Safest And Most Beautiful

Money is no longer a good reason to like a country – happiness,    safety and beautiful surroundings count for a lot more. A new survey has dismissed the myth that size and the economy are good ways to measure a country’s reputation. The Reputation Institute, a research consultancy based in the US, asked 58,000 … Read more

Expat Careers Are Not Just About The Money

With the whole world to choose from, picking the best place for an expat career is not always easy. But HSBC Bank comes to the rescue with a breakdown of favourite destinations for work-minded expats. The survey reveals different locations offer varied packages. For learning new skills and to progress a career, Britain is one … Read more

Do You Live In One Of The World’s Happy Places?

Money may not buy love, but it seems to go a long way to securing happiness, according to a new report from the United Nations. The report measures how happy people living in 155 countries really are by speaking to thousands worldwide. One conclusion is that people in many of the countries topping the list … Read more