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Record Number Of Over 70s Still Working

old man working

Age is no bar to working in retirement with record numbers of the over 70s refusing to stay at home, according to official data. The number of over 70s choosing to work after retirement has risen steadily every year for the past decade, peaking at 497,946 in the first three months of 2019. That’s an … Read more

Chatting About Money Takes Away Financial Stress

couple talking

Taking about money can make you healthy, wealthy and wise, according to new research. Your health is improved by talking to family and friends about money matters because having a chat eases stress about finances. Wealth is improved because talking about money helps people consider new ideas about how to save and invest that improve … Read more

Rare Musical Instruments Hit High Note With Collectors

The value of rare musical instruments hit a high note last year – but only after recovering from a big loss the year before. Prices were up 16% in 2016, after suffering a 11% loss in 2015. Although alternative investments monitored by top people’s London bank Coutts have shown a steady return that outperforms the … Read more

Dealing With Stress Can Help You Live Longer

Managing stress will go a long way towards helping you live longer, according to new research. Stress is directly linked to changes in your personality and fuels the likelihood you will take part in a self-destructive spiral, says the study the Future of Aging for financial firm Axa by Dr Peter Joshi. He reveals a … Read more

Shopping For A Bargain Can Cost More Than Buying New

Buying a bargain because the cost is cheaper than buying new has proved a false economy for thousands of shoppers. One in three consumers regret not shelling out a few extra pounds to buy new, according to a survey from Sainsbury’s Bank. Paying car and home insurance premiums monthly was another regret for 29% of … Read more

How Does The State Pension Rank Where You Live?

A major review of international state pension schemes claims some risk creating unfairness between generations. Pension experts ranked pensions in 30 countries to come up with the results. Denmark came out on top for the sixth year in a row, while Japan, Austria, Italy, and France were held as examples of developed economies whose pension … Read more

Where Are The Healthiest Places For Expats To Live?

Britain’s favourite expat destination has topped the world rankings as the world’s healthiest country. The Mediterranean sunshine hotspot of Spain toppled the previous winner Italy into second place in a study of 169 nations – rising six places to take the lead. Rounding out the top five were Iceland in third place, followed by Japan … Read more

Retirement Heralds A New Dawn Of Contentment

Stopping work is not about slowing down but the dawn of a new age of excitement for thousands of new retirees. Half of all retirees regard their golden years as the best time of their life which gives them the time to learn new skills, travel and gain new experiences. A fifth have worked hard … Read more

Retirement Myths You Really Should Ignore

Working out how much you need to save for retirement is a dilemma especially when you are bombarded with seemingly conflicting advice. Picking the right advice to suit your lifestyle and finances is hard. But here are four retirement saving myths you really should ignore. Life’s cheaper when you stop working That’s the theory, but … Read more

You Can Choose To Save If You Really Want


Everyone can make excuses about why they do not have enough to fund a comfortable retirement, but we all know the most likely reason is we have decided not to choose to save. Lifestyle choices, illness and other events can all play a part, but most workers can afford to save a little a lot … Read more