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Now Landlords Have To Check For Dirty Air In Buy To Lets

Tenant in rented property wearing a mask due to air pollution

Dirty air in buy to let homes is the net issue on the agenda for hard-pressed landlords. From next year, property investors must tell renters about pollution levels in their homes before a tenancy starts. The measure is part of ‘material property information’ landlords and home sellers must make available to potential tenants or buyers … Read more

Artists Set For Legal Challenge In Pension Row

Artists are facing a brush in court over the terms of their specialist pension fund. Several leading artists are mounting a legal challenge against the Artist Pension Trust because they want back art works signed over to the fund. The Artist Pension Trust aims to provide financial security in retirement to artists who struggle to … Read more

How Do Expats Find a Good Lawyer?

Life doesn’t stop for expats – they still face the same problems as the rest of us and sometimes need the help of a good lawyer. But finding legal representation abroad is complicated when you are not familiar with a country’s laws or legal system. So how do expats find the best lawyer? For British … Read more

Claiming Compensation For Spanish Property Fiasco

British expats and second home owners who lost deposits worth billions when developers went bust in the Spanish property crash can finally reclaim the money they lost for homes that were never built. Banks are paying the first compensation awards to homebuyers following a supreme court ruling in Spain in 2015. Lawyers reckon around 130,000 … Read more

If You’re Tired Of Brexit Now, Wait Until We Really Leave

Everyone will be tired of hearing about Brexit by the time Britain decouples from the European Union in March 2019. Brexit polarises opinion but is also the biggest political upheaval for decades that will infiltrate everyone’s life in some way. Leaving the EU has already impacted on law-making in Britain and will pervade every aspect … Read more

Judge Tells Banker He Is Not A Genius, Just Lucky

An American banker who amassed personal wealth of more than £300 million was not thinking straight when he told a divorce court he was a genius. For the judge disagreed with his boast and awarded his wife half of his fortune. Randy Work argued that he should not hand over £180 million to his estranged … Read more

Great Repeal Bill Set To Scrap EU Law In Britain

Hot on the heels of triggering Brexit, the British government has released the Great Repeal Bill to scrap or adapt EU laws covering everything from rights for workers to looking after the environment. The draft bill is to make sure that EU laws are transferred to British statute book by the time the Brexit talks … Read more

Expat Landlords Must Check Tenants Right To Rent

Expat buy to let landlords renting out homes in England have to check new tenants have the right to rent a home before letting them move in from February 1, 2016. The checks should include anyone living in the home aged 18 or over even if they are not named on a tenancy agreement. Expat … Read more

FATCA Opponents Launch Legal Challenge

Opposition to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has moved to the courts as lobbyists have launched a legal challenge against the law. The suit filed at a federal court in Dayton, Ohio, claims FATCA is unconstitutional and steamrollers a taxpayer’s right to privacy. The opposition is led by Senator Rand Paul, a … Read more

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Osborne To Plug Pension Loophole For Divorcees

The government may act to plug loopholes that new pension rules and legal decisions have left in divorce rules. New pension rules introduced by Chancellor George Osborne in April did not consider how taking cash withdrawals from a pension subject to a court order would affect divorcees. If separated couples have a financial order and … Read more