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No Deal Brexit State Pension Bombshell For Expats

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The British government will safeguard state pension uplifts for expats in Europe for three years after Brexit – with future rises dependent on negotiating a new agreement. The hammer blow was meant to reassure state pensioners overseas, but has had the opposite effect. Around 222,000 British expats live in the European Economic Area (EEA), together … Read more

What Sort Of Home Does $1 Million Buy For An Expat?

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Just what does a million dollars buy a wealthy expat looking for a home in one of the world’s thriving cities? Not as much as you would like to think, according to research by international property consultants Knight Frank. Researchers looked at real estate listings in 20 cities and found that $1 million would buy … Read more

Global House Price Inflation Drops By Nearly A Third In A Year

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Average global house prices rose by 4.5% last year – dropping from 7% a year earlier, according to new data. The latest house price rankings show a big about turn, with every Chinese city except Hong Kong plunging out of the top 20, with cities from Germany, The Netherlands and Europe racing up the chart. … Read more

35 Countries Set To Licence Crypto Exchanges Like Banks

The world’s leading economies have agreed a strategy to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges in the same way as they lay down rules for commercial banks to operate. The plan was drawn up by the Financial Action Task Force– a talking shop and think-tank for 353 of the world’s leading economic nations. A report agreed and circulated … Read more

How Does The State Pension Rank Where You Live?

A major review of international state pension schemes claims some risk creating unfairness between generations. Pension experts ranked pensions in 30 countries to come up with the results. Denmark came out on top for the sixth year in a row, while Japan, Austria, Italy, and France were held as examples of developed economies whose pension … Read more

Where Are The Healthiest Places For Expats To Live?

Britain’s favourite expat destination has topped the world rankings as the world’s healthiest country. The Mediterranean sunshine hotspot of Spain toppled the previous winner Italy into second place in a study of 169 nations – rising six places to take the lead. Rounding out the top five were Iceland in third place, followed by Japan … Read more

Pooling Pensions Could Give Better Outcomes For Savers

Financial experts are advocating more pension tinkering after an international study of workplace schemes concluded retirement savers could benefit from pooling resources. The study looked at defined contribution pensions offered by employers and found that pooling could lead to benefit from economies of scale. This was most significant when schemes looked at: Negotiating fees for … Read more

House Price Rates Drop By 50% Worldwide

House price rises are slowing down across the world, according to property experts. Prices in almost nine out of 10 countries tracked by international property consultants Knight Frank returned increasing values – but the rate was around half that of the previous three months. At the top of the 56-country table, 13 of the top … Read more

Brits Lead The Way In Expat Home Purchases In Spain

Expat demand for homes in Spain is surging upwards, according to the latest official figures. After years in the doldrums, the Spanish property market soared by 20% in the last three months of 2017 with more than 110,000 sales – the highest number of sales in the final quarter for three years. And despite Brexit … Read more

British Expats Urge Courts to Stop Brexit

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A group of expats are hoping to stop Brexit by challenging the European Council’s negotiating guidelines in court. The 12 expats, led by campaigner Harry Shindler, a 97-year-old British expat living in Italy, claim the European Council’s negotiation guidelines are illegal. The group argues each EU body that Britain withdraws from should have been subject … Read more