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Playing The Game Of Life To Predict Your Pension Needs


How much money you need to fund a comfortable retirement is the question most of us would like answered. After all, having a definite figure to aim for would make saving a lot easier. But we are all different. Some of us will live longer than others, some of us will have a more extravagant … Read more

Rising UK Inflation Is Good News For Pension Savers

Expats saving for retirement and drawing the state pension are the biggest winners from the latest spike in the cost of living. Inflation has hit a five-year high of 3% for the year to September– up from 2.9% in August and the peak since April 2012. This means that Chancellor Phillip Hammond should dole out … Read more

Shares Not Property Are Top UK Investment

If you’re aged 65 years old are more and have just retired and paid off your mortgage, you probably consider you have managed your money pretty well. And you have. But you could have made a bigger profit. Official statistics suggest you have probably lived in your home since 1995 – and although residential property … Read more

Financial Pitfalls Of Day-To-Day Living In Retirement

Once you have reached retirement, it’s too late to worry about what might have been if you had saved more while you had a job. The focus on finances changes tack and you need to consider what steps to take to maximise your spending power on a sometimes severely limited budget. Problems that mount include … Read more

El Petro Cryptocurrency Figures Just Don’t Add Up

The numbers just don’t add up in the first state-backed cryptocurrency offering. Venezuela launched El Petro amid a blaze of publicity with President Nicolas Maduro claiming that the venture raised $5 billion for the cash-strapped economy that has seen inflation rage like a wild fire for the past five years. Mismanagement by the government and … Read more

Don’t Despair – House Prices Will Rocket Over Next Decade

Retirement savers relying on a property pension can expect to see the value of their homes shoot up by around 56% over the next decade. Property guru Russell Quirk, founder and chief executive of online estate agent eMoov, has predicted the massive uplift in prices after crunching house price data from the past 10 years. … Read more

Higher Inflation Rips Into Pension Spending Power

Rising inflation is back to haunt pensioners living on a fixed income as the cost of living has soared to the highest rate for nearly four years. UK inflation climbed to 2.7% in April from 2.3% in March and 0.3% a year earlier. The Office of National Statistics disclosed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) last … Read more

Hedging Retirement Income Against Inflation

As inflation in Britain and across Europe ticks up and the Pound weakens, expats on flat retirement incomes can see their spending power dropping away. Although the changes are small and largely accounted for by higher air fares and paying more at the pumps for fuel, more increases in the cost of living are on … Read more

Fed Chief Warns Interest Rates Will Rise Again This Year

Interest rates will rise again in the USA this year, Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen has hinted. She was giving advance warning to investors that a rate hike is on the way in a bid to thwart stock market jitters. Last year, speculation about a US interest rate increase saw stock markets around the world … Read more