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Politicians Ducked Big Pension Decisions, Claims Minister

Outgoing pension minister Ros Altmann claims Britain’s final salary pensions will stack up even worse deficits because the government has ducked important decisions that could have resolved the problem. In a bitter rant against her former cabinet colleagues in David Cameron’s government, she accused politicians of failing to make difficult decisions that may have damaged … Read more

Expats Ignore Brexit Vote Calls

British expats are shunning the chance to vote in the Brexit referendum even though thousands across Europe stand to lose the most if voters decide to leave. The government estimates 1.3 million British expats live in other European Union countries. Only those who have spent less than 15 years as an expat can register to … Read more

Expat Feared Meeting Nudists In The Street

Expats and travellers expect British diplomats to help them with some strange requests, says the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Embassies and consulates are open in many of the world’s major cities to promote British interests locally and to offer a lifeline to expats and tourists in trouble. But thousands misuse the emergency service – and … Read more

Multinationals To Face United EU Tax Front

Multinational companies will no longer be able to manipulate tax rules in different European states to minimise their taxes. Under a new European directive, all European Union countries will automatically exchange information on tax rulings. The Economics and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union has agreed to set up a central database of tax … Read more

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