The list below is a collection of articles that refer to, mention or discuss GDP.

Stock Market Bloodbath As Fed Hikes Rates

The stock market bloodbath continued today as the FTSE plunged further into the red. At one stage, the index looked as if it was going to plunge below the 7,000 mark, but rallied from a low of 7,008 to a day high of 7,145. But London was just one of a chain of markets, including … Read more

OPEC Production Pledges Drives Up Oil Prices

Oil prices have hit a two-year high on the expectation that a self-enforced OPEC production curb will continue into 2018. The price per barrel passed the $62 mark for the first time since July 2015 – more than $12 up on the price for the first half of 2017. Rumours coming out of OPEC – … Read more

Global Growth Predicted To Pick Up in 2017

Global growth is expected accelerate over the coming months, but economies are still gripped by uncertainty following the financial crisis, says a respected think tank. The world economy is predicted to pick up from 3.1% last year to 3.3% by the end of 2017, increasing to 3.6% in 2018, according to the National Institute of … Read more

What is a Free Port?

Brexit and the opportunity of new trading links for Britain have raised the question of setting up free ports. Once Britain exits the European Union, the government can consider setting up free ports, but EU rules over state aid, tariffs and competition have forbidden the move. Now think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies has issued … Read more

Trump Election – What Should Investors Do?

A loud and aggressive Donald Trump may have ridden a wave of popular support from voters feeling disenfranchised and badly served by politicians to win the US Presidential Election, but investors should expect a calmer approach from now on. Trump has nothing to gain from his unique bombastic approach to campaigning now he is in … Read more

Fed Keeps US Interest Rates At 0.5%

Wall Street has slipped back again as the US Federal Reserve pegged official interest rates at 0.5%. The rate was raised for the first time in a decade in December – from 0.25% to 0.5%. Since then, the Bank of England has opted to keep rates at a record low of 0.5%, while the People’s … Read more

End Of The Road For Emerging Markets?

Emerging markets may have reached the end of the road for investors, according to financial analysts. Falling commodity prices and a strong US dollar are stressing many formerly booming economies and if they cannot overcome some serious challenges in the year ahead they are likely to falter. This is the opinion of Kames Capital’s chief … Read more

Currency Volatility Bolsters Flagging Global Economy

Currency exchange rate fluctuations are likely to bolster the global economy as countries start to see their growth paths diverge, says the International Monetary Fund. The IMF expects countries with weaker currencies improve their growth as exports become cheaper and more attractive to foreign buyers, boosting sales for manufacturers and service providers. In a regular … Read more

Global Shift On The Way For Major Economies

A powerful global shift will move the major economies to emerging and frontier markets over the next 35 years, investors are warned. China is tipped to become the world’s largest economy by 2030, before growth slips to match the global average in the long-term. India is also likely to move into second place, vying with … Read more

Pull Together To Beat Stagnation, Warns OECD

Global leaders heard that the world economy is still sluggish but will slowly pull clear of the doldrums if governments commit to the right policies at the latest summit of G20 ministers. One of the main problems is no one fits all solution is available as different regions and countries are battling different economic problems, … Read more