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Global Giant Shuts Poor Performing Funds

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Investors choosing to pull their cash from wealth manager Jupiter have triggered the closure of two under performing funds. The global investment giant has announced the Jupiter UK Alpha and Jupiter Enhanced Distribution funds will shut on March 31. The Jupiter UK Alpha fund has operated for more than 25 years. Investors have withdrawn huge amounts … Read more

Top 20 Funds For Spreading Global Investment Risk

Neil Woodford’s demise as a celebrated fund manager has prompted many investors to diversify – but the problem is where to look for suitable investments. If you are making a single investment to spread across lots of different stocks, sectors and countries, then the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) has put together a list of … Read more

Ditch Default Pensions In Favour Of DIY Investing

Financial experts are calling on retirement savers to ditch their default pension funds offered by employers and providers before they give up work. Most savers with a ‘one size suits all’ pension fund with investment choices made for them by their employer or pension provider. But ditching these funds in favour of picking your own … Read more

Emerging Markets Start To Show Their Worth

Emerging market funds are clawing their way back among the top performing investments after years in the doldrums. Emerging markets have delivered the second best returns this year in comparison to other sectors monitored by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC). So far in 2016, emerging markets have outstripped average fund performance by close to … Read more

ETFs, the key to building long term value

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become a favoured route for modern investors to find diversification and flexibility in funds, as advantages such as low expense ratios, and no minimum deposit limits can be utilised. There is also a benefit from a taxation perspective, as capital gains tax is exempt from shareholder sales within EFTs, as oppose … Read more

Don’t Pay Rip-Off Fees To Fund Managers, Warns Buffett

Billionaire Warren Buffett is urging investors to boycott funds with rip-off fees in his latest annual letter to shareholders in his company. Buffett claims investors have wasted more than £100 billion paying fees to Wall Street fund managers whose investments have not performed any better than low-cost tracker funds. “When trillions of dollars are managed … Read more

The difference between onshore and offshore funds

Expats will hear about the pros and cons of onshore and offshore investment from their financial advisers, but what do the terms mean? To most expats, banking and investing offshore means handing wads of cash to some shady character who promises extraordinary yields and low tax. That description could not be any further from the … Read more

Are DIY Best Buy Funds Really What They Say?

Financial watchdogs are concerned that online trading platforms are not offering DIY investors the best recommendations with their best buy lists. Best buys are list of funds selected by platforms as the best deals available in a market sector or asset class. The picks are based on metrics such as portfolio characteristics, investment goals, past … Read more

Eurozone Recovery Starts To Excite Fund Managers

The Eurozone economy may have struggled for months but is finally starting to gain some traction with some fund managers. One of the latest to talk up the continent despite the uncertainty of Britain leaving the European Union is Luca Paolini, chief strategist at Pictet Asset Management. Pictet is a leading wealth manager with 270 … Read more