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Stock Markets Slump To Worst Quarter In 37 Years

stock markets down

Stock markets slumped to record losses in the first three mnths of the year due to fears over how coronavirus impacts the world economy  and investments. As the largest falls recorded for quarterly trading in 37 years hit the markets, London‘s FTSE dived 23% and New York’s Dow Jones plunged 25%. Most other markets around … Read more

Brexit Deadlock As Agreement Talks Fail

Brexit takes the lead in the latest market moves as the FTSE slumped on news that talks between Britain and the EU are deadlocked. Neither side can agree a deal that presents the withdrawal agreement in a way MPs feel they can support, bringing fears of a No Deal exit into perspective. The EU has … Read more

How Well Are Workplace Pensions Really Performing?

The state of Britain’s workplace direct benefit pensions is getting better – or maybe not, depending on which firm’s figures you take. The figures are confusing because at least three different firms track the health of workplace pensions, but all measure them in a slightly different way. The deficit of the UK’s workplace pensions stayed … Read more

Final Salary Pensions At Risk As Deficit Worsens

Your retirement income may be in danger if you have a final salary pension as a financial black hole threatens to keep swallowing cash. Although many employer pensions are flush with funds and making good investment returns, concerns are rife about some others that are billions of pounds in the red. In recent months, British … Read more

Pension Golden Goodbyes Fall For Scheme Leavers

Pension transfer values fell 3.7% to an average £232,000 last month following the trend of fluctuation in the amount employers are paying workers moving out of workplace final salary schemes. Over recent months, the average transfer value has spiked at around £245,000 before falling to the current low. According to pension consultancy Xafinity, which tracks … Read more

Ethics In Doubt As FTSE100 Dividends Exceed Pension Deficits

The ethics of investing are inextricably tied up with the way Britain’s biggest firms are managing their pension deficits. More than 50 FTSE 100 firms nursing huge pension deficits paid out close to £100 billion in dividends to shareholders during the past two years. At the same time, they reported a £56 billion black hole … Read more