Financial Crisis

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Impending crisis for China’s USD 15 trillion lending habit?

Lauded by many of the world’s most important bankers and money managers yet ostracised by China’s financial illuminati, Charlene Chu has nevertheless been consistent in her statement: That the Chinese banking system will, without a doubt, collapse to some degree due to its massive, unsustainable lending. Working out of Beijing, Chu has tirelessly campaigned to … Read more

Ireland ‘breaks free’ from troika bailout; tough times still ahead

Ireland 'breaks free' from troika bailout; tough times still ahead

The Republic of Ireland, having been only the second European nation requesting and accepting a bailout, is now ready to exit the eurozone’s financial rescue programme. Instead, Ireland will begin funding itself via the international and domestic markets. “We are confident we are making a clean exit,” said Michael Noonan, the country’s Finance Minister. “We … Read more