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How To Trace Money In A Lost UK Pension

Pension Tracing, man search for lost UK pension

As millions of retirement savers get on with their lives and move homes and jobs, many forget that they may have forgotten about the money sitting in ‘lost’ workplace pensions. Once people could expect to spend their entire working life with a single employer, but now they chop-and-change jobs regularly in the fast-moving world of … Read more

Pension Passport Triggers Savers Into Action


Cutting red tape and diluting the financial options for retirement down to just one page has paid off for savers unsure what to do about their pension money. The government’s Behavioural Insights Team – better known as the ‘nudge unit’ – designed a pension passport for three major providers to send to their customers who … Read more

Retirement Heralds A New Dawn Of Contentment

Stopping work is not about slowing down but the dawn of a new age of excitement for thousands of new retirees. Half of all retirees regard their golden years as the best time of their life which gives them the time to learn new skills, travel and gain new experiences. A fifth have worked hard … Read more

Financial Pitfalls Of Day-To-Day Living In Retirement

Once you have reached retirement, it’s too late to worry about what might have been if you had saved more while you had a job. The focus on finances changes tack and you need to consider what steps to take to maximise your spending power on a sometimes severely limited budget. Problems that mount include … Read more

Offshore pension jargon explained

Pensions are confusing, but offshore pensions are even worse because they involve unfamiliar terms and rules that few retirement savers run into unless they are expats. Here are some of the most common terms bandied about by expats and their financial advisers explained: Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) – A special pension for British … Read more

Expats Need To Be Told More About Their Retirement Options

Financial experts are starting to pick up on the idea that expats are not well-served by their providers once they stop contributing into their pensions. A debate is firing up around the rights of deferred members – those who no longer pay into a pension but have a fund. Research has shown that only 30% … Read more

Past Mistakes With Money Still Haunting the Over 65s

Financial mistakes have a habit of catching up on consumers who have regrets about how they managed their money when they were younger. Around two-fifths (43%) told a survey that their lives were blighted by past errors and two-thirds (64%) wished they had looked after their money better. Even one in four over 65s confessed … Read more

Tax Is Taxing, So DIY Solutions Really Won’t Do

Theresa May’s embarrassing ‘dementia tax’ U-turn shows that even politicians and experts make mistakes with financial planning. The principle was to make the people using the service pay for their long term care by having a day of reckoning with the government as well as a higher authority on death. The government would then settle … Read more

10 Vital Questions to Ask Your QROPS Adviser

Expats can find pension advice from a range of people saying they are financial advisers – but picking the professional from the scammer can be difficult. A media outlet for independent financial advisers has recently run a checklist for IFAs to answer to see if they have what it takes to give the right Qualifying … Read more

Savers Keen To Take Money Matters Into Own Hands

Only a handful of people consult a professional adviser before making important financial decisions. Research by pension giant Aegon revealed only 8% of people speak to a financial adviser before making what could be a life-changing decision about their money. Nearly half of those asked preferred to make the decisions themselves, while 41% of married … Read more