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Travel Money Secrets Revealed For Expats And Tourists

Forex hacks for expats and travellers can make a huge difference to the cost of spending abroad, but few have the knowledge to make managing their money pay. Independent financial monitor Defaqto has lifted the lid on the cheapest and most expensive ways to spend in a foreign country to help smart travellers make their … Read more

Only Crooks And Tax Evaders Deal In Big Bank Notes

It’s time ditch any £50 or 500 Euro bank notes stashed under the mattress as governments move to scrap larger denomination bank notes. Both the Bank of England and European Central Bank (ECB) are considering withdrawing the notes from circulation. Police call the notes the ‘currency of choice’ for money laundering, tax evasion, organised crime … Read more

Expats Lose Spending Power As Pound Weakens

Expats are bearing the brunt of the Bank of England’s plans to punt interest rate rises into touch. Bank of England governor Mark Carney has put any thought of a rate rise out of mind for many months. He blames low inflation and economic volatility around the world. The news has sent the value of … Read more

Grim Greeks Face Bleak Eurozone Future

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has pledged pensions and salaries will be paid despite bank cash machines starting to run out of cash. Displaying a siege mentality, he made a defiant speech to the nation that was aimed more at Eurozone finance ministers and the International Monetary Fund. He wants to renegotiate Greece’s debt repayments … Read more

Expat Dreams Of Buying A Place Abroad Dashed

Mortgage borrowing has just become that much harder for expats as new European mortgage rules mean many hopeful buyers could find they are locked out of the market next year. Workers with foreign income looking to borrow to fund buying a home overseas will have to negotiate the tough terms of the European Mortgage Credit … Read more

Currency Volatility Bolsters Flagging Global Economy

Currency exchange rate fluctuations are likely to bolster the global economy as countries start to see their growth paths diverge, says the International Monetary Fund. The IMF expects countries with weaker currencies improve their growth as exports become cheaper and more attractive to foreign buyers, boosting sales for manufacturers and service providers. In a regular … Read more

Markets Get The Jitters As Fed Toys With Rate Rise

Another round of extreme currency and bond volatility is on the horizon as the US Federal Reserve considers putting up interest rates. The United States has had a rate of just over 0% since the closing months of 2008, but the latest minutes of the Fed’s last rate-setting meeting show the committee is split on … Read more

Greeks Warn That Bailout Default Is On The Horizon

A blog by the Greek finance minister has revealed the gulf that lies between that has split the Eurozone and may yet lead to the Athens government defaulting on a bail-out deal. Yanis Varoufakis argues that the 240 billion euro bail-out was due to reckless banks and financial institutions doling money out to the government … Read more

Burgernomics – A Bite Sized Look At Currency Rates

If you like your economics in bite-size chunks, the new Big Mac currency index has been served up by The Economist magazine. The index was started in 1986 as a humorous way of looking at foreign currency exchange rates. Nearly two decades later, the index is included in economics text books and has triggered 20 … Read more

What Will Greece Do About The Bailout Billions?

The Eurozone is waiting with bated breath for the line-up of Greece’s new radical anti-austerity government. As Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calls out the names of key players, the rest of Europe is trying to divine whether Greece will quit the Eurozone and throw the economy into even more chaos. The signs do not look … Read more