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Big Brands Born With Backing From Venture Capitalists

Venture Capital written

Many of the world’s biggest brands started life as spare room start-ups with the backing of venture capitalists taking a punt on making a profit. The roll of honour includes some of the most successful companies ever, like Google, Facebook, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. Business angels offer expertise and to bank roll start-ups that they … Read more

Extreme Team Building Events in the Corporate Environment

Extreme Team Building

In today’s modern world, where everything moves with incredible swiftness, our personal and professional lives are sometimes caught in the whirlpool of perfectly balancing both of their demands with the lack of time. In fact, lack of time is often quoted by responders in studies and surveys related to sport and physical activity. Struggling to … Read more

What Is The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme?


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a great way of saving tax for anyone paying at the highest rates. The generous tax breaks wrapped around SEIS are what makes the investment so attractive. But like any investment, the best returns come with the greatest risks, and SEIS is no different even though the government … Read more

HMRC Wants To Tweak SEIS Assurances For Investors

Investors and their financial advisers are seeking more help from the government to reassure them about companies looking for funding from tax incentivised schemes. A recent consultation has revealed huge numbers of investors and investment professionals rely on the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) advance assurance service for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and other … Read more

Crowdfunding Returns Outstrip Stock Market Investments

Crowdfunding returns of early-stage businesses are outstripping those offered on the London stock exchange, according to new research. While companies listed on the stock exchange yield 5% compound annual growth, crowdfunded firms are streaking ahead with a comparable return of 33%, says platform SyndicateRoom. A state-of-the-market report also hints that investors have up to £25 … Read more

Brexit Could Open Door For SEIS Start-Up Tax Break Review

Investors in Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) start-ups could gain a boost from Brexit if the government decides to scrap European Union state aid rules restricting tax breaks. SEIS is one of the governments great business successes, seeing £338 million of investment flow into close to 4,300 companies in two years until April 2015. However, … Read more

Crime Fighting App In £500,000 Appeal To Investors

Facewatch, the online crime reporting app has raised £530,000 from 153 investors after making a crowdfunding appeal for funds. Facewatch lets police, the public, businesses and other organisations swap CCTV and still images of incidents in a bid to identify criminals. The app also allows forwarding image files to the police as evidence for prosecution. … Read more

Brewdog – A Pint Half Full Or Half Empty?

Some of the biggest businesses are built on a foundation of dodgy dealings – and the brewer asking drinkers to dip into their pockets for Britain’s largest crowdfunding pitch is no stranger to controversy. Brewdog, the craft beer sensation based in Scotland, is seeking £25 million to expand the business and roll out new brews. … Read more

Alternative Finance Is Crowding Out The Banks

Two-thirds of small businesses are open to sourcing working capital from alternative finance sources, according to a new survey. Half of all entrepreneurs also believe alternative finance has opened up new opportunities for starting a business. The poll by the UK Bond Network also looked at businesses turning over around £1.1 million a year and … Read more

Startup Entrepreneurs Shun SEIS Cash

Entrepreneurs seem to be shunning raising startup capital from the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). The latest figures from Companies House show more than 580,000 startup businesses incorporated in 2014. But figures from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) show that only 1,100 startup companies signed up with SEIS in the 2013 tax year – the … Read more