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Carney’s Grand Plan Is A Kick In The Teeth For Expats

Carney’s Grand Plan Is A Kick In The Teeth For Expats

Bank of England governor Mark Carney’s grand plans for interest rates are another kick in the teeth for expats. The former governor, Mervyn King, did little to help retired expats on a fixed income by engineering the lowest official interest rate ever – 0.5%. The rate has sat at that level since March 2009 knocking … Read more

Indian Rupee On A Slippery Slope Against The US Dollar

Indian Rupee On A Slippery Slope Against The US Dollar

Questions are being asked about the slide of the Indian rupee against the world’s major currencies. Not long ago, the rupee was up around the 80 mark against the US dollar, but months of steady collapse have left the Indian currency hanging loose in the wind. Now, currency experts and analysts see little hope of … Read more

14 Tips For Expats Going Back Home

If you are an expat who has decided to return home, then leaving gracefully is the order of the day – and that requires some planning. So here are some must-do tips – not in any order of importance – to help you break those expat ties: Do talk your leaving over with your boss … Read more

FX Futures Can Safeguard Wealth For Expats

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As currencies fluctuate in value almost hourly, expats would be forgiven for worrying about the impact the volatile markets are having on their cash – especially if they are in retirement and living on limited savings. Now, one expert says that with some planning, expats can safeguard themselves from currency movements – a big help … Read more

New Global Middle Class Will Swell By 3 Billion

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The economies of the Asia Pacific are booming so quickly that within 15 years more than two thirds of the world’s middle class will live in the region, according to new research. In contrast, Europe’s proportion of the global middle class population will drop by 14%. The figures are revealed in a report called ‘Hitting … Read more

Deep Discounts For Spanish Property Buyers

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Property investors are exploiting the dire state of Spain’s property market by demanding hefty discounts on asking prices. According to one Spanish property website,, the gap between what a vendor asks and the buying price is widening and has now reached an average of £36,000. People looking at selling property must also contend with … Read more

Asian Economies Dig In For Currency War

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They said it wouldn’t happen, but now economic analysts say there is a currency war in progress. The issue is that Japan has begun to devalue the yen in a bid to make exports cheaper, which in turn will help boost its flagging economy and boost its GDP. Though like most things in life there … Read more