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Gulf Union Plans Slow To A Crawl

Plans to transform a group of nations across North Africa and the Middle East into a European style political and economic union are stalling. Rulers are looking to expand the Gulf Co-Operation Council by inviting Jordan and Morocco to join a wider confederation of nations. However, despite a series of meetings and negotiations over the … Read more

Airbus vs. Boeing 2013

The numbers are out on one of the most expensive industries in modern day, airplanes. Boeing and Airbus are the biggest manufacturers of planes, which also makes them the biggest rivals. According to the European aerospace conglomerate, Airbus made a record breaking number of orders and deliveries in 2013 and they beat even their own … Read more

Going For Bust Leads To Boom For Japan

Going For Bust Leads To Boom For Japan

The world’s third largest economy is booming and bringing opportunities for investors after decades of poor equity performance, says one leading investment expert. Japan has spent years with a deflating economy but new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to office by vowing to bring inflation and prosperity to the country. His fiscal policies were termed … Read more

IMF to raise growth forecast

Europe Starts To Pull Out Of Recession

The International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, has stated the international fosterer of monetary cooperation will raise its global growth forecast. The announcement was brief, with Lagarde only saying the revision to the forecast would come in the coming three weeks. She stated it would be premature to say anything further. Rocky past It … Read more