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Over 50s Spending Spree Boosts Economy By Billions

Older consumers are a benefit to the economy rather than a drain on resources, according to new research. The over 50s will spend 63p in every £1 in the UK by 2040 – rising from 54p in the £1 in 2018. And the money is spent across the board rather than on specific goods and … Read more

Support For Dropping Helicopter Cash Takes Off

The time for more governments to consider dropping helicopter money on households trapped in dire financial straits due to the coronavirus outbreak is with us, says financial experts. Central banks are running out of weapons and strategies to counter the bottom falling out of the world economy as the deadly illness threatens to hold nations … Read more

Spending Cash Is Becoming A Thing Of The Past

The days of handing over cash could be numbered as the economy is in a shift to digitisation, warn campaigners. New laws are needed to protect the pound in the pocket, says lobby group Access to Cash Review. And they are calling on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to take urgent action to protect spending money in … Read more

How Will Brexit Impact UK Inflation and Growth

While inflation in the UK has generally been higher than in European countries that make up the Euro-zone, due primarily to more buoyant economic conditions since 2011, it has always been associated with higher growth. However, following the Brexit referendum inflation continued unabated, while growth has declined. UK Inflation In October of last year, we … Read more

Stock Market Bloodbath As Fed Hikes Rates

The stock market bloodbath continued today as the FTSE plunged further into the red. At one stage, the index looked as if it was going to plunge below the 7,000 mark, but rallied from a low of 7,008 to a day high of 7,145. But London was just one of a chain of markets, including … Read more

No Surprises In Spring Statement 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s spring statement marked a change in the way the British government major tax or spending changes. In the statement to a packed House of Commons, Hammond explained the traditional March Budget would now happen in the Autumn. Pushing the date forward allowed anyone affected by the changes to plan for the April … Read more

OPEC Production Pledges Drives Up Oil Prices

Oil prices have hit a two-year high on the expectation that a self-enforced OPEC production curb will continue into 2018. The price per barrel passed the $62 mark for the first time since July 2015 – more than $12 up on the price for the first half of 2017. Rumours coming out of OPEC – … Read more

UK Needs Tougher Economic Plan To Survive Brexit, Says OECD

Economists have sounded the alarm about Britain’s financial policies and are urging the government to reverse controversial spending decisions. The Organisation of Economic Co-Operation and Development is an economic think-tank with many of the world’s leading industrial nations, including the UK, as members. In a hard-hitting report, the OECD has unpicked the UK government’s economic … Read more

Central Banks Ready To Release Their Grip On Interest Rates

International fiscal policy is slowly entering a new phase – but you should look carefully for the signs or you might miss them. The messages from central banks are carefully worded and often couched in smoke-and-mirror terms so no one can blame them if the economy goes wrong. But after a decade of relative inactivity, … Read more

No Turning Back As May Finally Triggers Brexit


Theresa May is Britain’s second woman prime minister and the second not for turning after triggering Article 50 to take the country out of the European Union. Echoing Margaret Thatcher’s defiant ‘this lady’s not for turning’ speech to the Tory conference in 1980, May declared March 29 is a ‘historic moment from which there is … Read more