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Property Fraudsters Out To Scam Expat Home Sellers

Fraudsters phishing for expat bank details are plaguing expats in Cyprus with phone calls and emails. Posing as bogus property agents, the crooks are cold-calling home sellers advertising their properties online. The crooks claim they work for a United Arab Emirates company called Prime Property Consortium. The gang sends out emails to property sellers claiming … Read more

French Tax Crack Down On British Expat Investments

British expats in France are facing a tax crack down on their savings and investments back home. The French tax man is chasing expats for failing to declare their interest and earnings from savings and investments. And expats are being warned that their offshore financial affairs will soon be revealed to the French tax authority … Read more

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Cyprus Homes Lined Up For Cut Price Auctions

Cyprus property owners have discovered some of the details of how their homes will be repossessed and sold as the result of a leaked government document. The government has had to agree a tough process to repay a bail-out of billions of euros which includes property repossession for owners who have fallen behind with their … Read more

Why Overseas Weddings Upset Friends And Families

The cost of going to an overseas wedding is draining the bank balances of guests invited to celebrate in an exotic location with the bride and groom. An estimated one in 10 people will have an invite to weddings of expats or British couples choosing a sunshine destination to get hitched. But on top of … Read more

Cyprus Expats Win Mortgage Misselling Battle

Thousands of British property owners with homes in Cyprus are hoping to end mortgage misselling claims after Alpha Bank Cyprus and a consortium of property professionals settled at the eleventh hour. The bank, property developers, lawyers and estate agents were due before the High Court, London, to face the misselling claims from a group of … Read more

Expats Pay More Savings Tax In Cyprus Than In UK


British expats in Cyprus moved because of the sun, sea and…lower taxes; only to find they are sometimes paying more now than they would at home now bail-out austerity measures have begun to bite. Part of the deal with the Eurozone over bail out conditions was an increase in tax on interest earned from savings … Read more

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Brits Worried The Euro Is Ready To Implode


Just when investors thought the Euro crisis was over comes research showing that financially-savvy Brits say they are concerned about the collapse of the currency and what it means for them. The study by wealth advisors Towry revealed that 13% of Brits have Euro collapse fears, particularly now France is back in recession and the … Read more

No Low Risk Options For Investors Except Cash

Investors need to rethink how they define their attitude to risk, as one investment expert doubts they can find low-risk options in the current economic climate. Ben Yearsley, head of research at self-service trading firm Charles Stanley Direct, believes that other than cash, all investments now carry a higher degree of risk. He says that … Read more

FX Futures Can Safeguard Wealth For Expats

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As currencies fluctuate in value almost hourly, expats would be forgiven for worrying about the impact the volatile markets are having on their cash – especially if they are in retirement and living on limited savings. Now, one expert says that with some planning, expats can safeguard themselves from currency movements – a big help … Read more