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Apple Pitches ‘Affordable’ iPhone SE To Smartphone Mid-Market

iPhone in a woman's hand

Apple has released a new version of the iPhone aimed at offering a more affordable version of the market-leading smartphone. The iPhone SE starts at £419 – around half the price of many other iPhones. The device features a 4.7-inch retina display and touch ID for enhanced security. Apple says the iPhone SE is re-engineered from … Read more

Shareholder Perks – A Bonus For Investing

Discounts notice

If you watch how you spend your money and try hard to save, there ‘s one trick you may be missing – shareholder perks. Investors do not have to plough wads of money into a company to qualify for extra discounts and exclusive deals. In fact, they may be a lot cheaper than you think. … Read more

How Coronavirus Is Impacting The Climate And How We Work

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Coronavirus will change the way we live and do business, according to a technology expert. Up to now, the technology has been available but not used to full potential, but the fear of catching and spreading the deadly illness has changed the world. Businesses are facing seismic changes as markets dry up and travel plans … Read more

Extreme Team Building Events in the Corporate Environment

Extreme Team Building

In today’s modern world, where everything moves with incredible swiftness, our personal and professional lives are sometimes caught in the whirlpool of perfectly balancing both of their demands with the lack of time. In fact, lack of time is often quoted by responders in studies and surveys related to sport and physical activity. Struggling to … Read more

Cash Rich Investors Look For Right Moment To Pounce

Investors have a pile of cash and are keen to find the right opportunities to invest, according to a new study. More than 3,600 investors and entrepreneurs worldwide were quizzed about their investment plans for the rest of the year. Double the number (51%) were optimistic about the global economy picking up, compared with 21% … Read more

How Do No-Frills Airlines Make Their Money?

Britain’s short haul budget airline Monarch has crashed into bankruptcy with estimated debts of up to £250 million, which begs the question of just how do discount airlines make money? Some passengers flying between European destinations pay just £35 or so for their seats and established airlines are pulled into the bloodbath to compete for … Read more

Self-Storage – An Unlikely Investment Alternative

Real estate has long since been a popular choice for investors, yet self storage is one area in real estate that is often overlooked. While the rest of the real estate market can be challenging and crowded at times, the self storage industry is growing, presenting investors with a promising investment alternative across Europe. Self … Read more

How Pre-Pack Deals Impact Your Pension

Sharp practise by businessmen to avoid a company’s pension liabilities when a firm goes bust are under scrutiny. Pre-pack deals which are arrangements directors have made to sell and carry on trading with a company that has gone to the wall, are leaving retirement savers high and dry, claims the government. Typically, a business will … Read more

Record Pay Day For Investors As Dividends Hit A High

Global stock markets smashed their way to record highs in 2017 – and took investors on the ride with them. In the UK alone, companies paid a record £94.4 billion in dividends to shareholders. The increase shattered the previous record set in 2014 and was 10.5% up on the previous year – a rise of … Read more

Corruption Purge Drags Saudi Arabia Into 21st Century

The purge to root out corruption in Saudi Arabia is also a drive to eliminate any opposition to the royal rulers. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, 32, is the power behind the throne of King Salman. He seems determined to take on the country’s rich and powerful establishment to drag Saudi Arabia kicking and screaming … Read more