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Travel Money Secrets Revealed For Expats And Tourists

Forex hacks for expats and travellers can make a huge difference to the cost of spending abroad, but few have the knowledge to make managing their money pay. Independent financial monitor Defaqto has lifted the lid on the cheapest and most expensive ways to spend in a foreign country to help smart travellers make their … Read more

How the General Election result and Brexit affects expats


After Theresa May’s initial declaration a year ago that she would guide Britain into a ‘Hard Brexit’, many expats feared the worst – not only because for those that live and work in Europe any kind of Brexit is viewed as something of a disaster, but because the word ‘hard’ in the context of Brexit, … Read more

Saving Tax By Exploiting The £1 Pension Tax Loophole

British Pound Coin on a table with a 1 penny

You know a law is wrong when pension savers must resort to exploiting a £1 loophole to avoid paying tax they do not owe anyway. But that’s just what hundreds of retirement savers are having to do because of a kink in the law that says if you take money from a pension, HM Revenue … Read more

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There’s A New Quid On The Block

There’s a new quid on the block today as the old pound coin bows out in favour of a sleeker, shinier version. The old pound coin was introduced in 1983 when a loaf of bread cost 38p and a kilo of Cheddar cheese weighed in at £2.55. Today, the bread costs £1 and the cheese … Read more

Expat Shoppers Cash In On Plunging Pound

Expat shoppers are cashing in on the slump in the pound by buying their favourite groceries and clothes online from British web sites. Online retailers have seen a massive spike in sales as the result of the plunging pound. One major clothing retailer, ASOS, saw their web site crash. The official reason is a power … Read more

Expats Lose Spending Power As Pound Weakens

Expats are bearing the brunt of the Bank of England’s plans to punt interest rate rises into touch. Bank of England governor Mark Carney has put any thought of a rate rise out of mind for many months. He blames low inflation and economic volatility around the world. The news has sent the value of … Read more

Finding The Cheapest Way To Switch Money Overseas

A big headache for expats is how to switch their money between different countries without paying sky-high fees and losing our on exchange rates. Millions of expats remit their money from where they are living and working to another and see middlemen shave off fees and charges for what should be a simple transaction. The … Read more

Sterling Dishes Out A Pounding To Weaker Currencies

Fed Taper Is A Threat To Emerging Currencies

Sterling is giving many other world currencies a pounding, so investors need to look at how a strengthening British country affects their stakes in economies with weaker or more volatile currencies. Although the value of the Pound has shrunk in recent years against the dominant US dollar – from around $2 to 31 in 2008 … Read more

Currency Volatility Bolsters Flagging Global Economy

Currency exchange rate fluctuations are likely to bolster the global economy as countries start to see their growth paths diverge, says the International Monetary Fund. The IMF expects countries with weaker currencies improve their growth as exports become cheaper and more attractive to foreign buyers, boosting sales for manufacturers and service providers. In a regular … Read more