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£3m Aid For Brits In Europe Applying For Brexit Visas

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More than a million British expats in Europe can dip into a £3 million emergency fund set up  to protect their post-Brexit residency rights. Charities and other expat support groups in the European Union can access the money with Brits living in Spain, France, Germany, Cyprus and Italy likely to benefit the most. The UK Nationals … Read more

No Deal Brexit State Pension Bombshell For Expats

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The British government will safeguard state pension uplifts for expats in Europe for three years after Brexit – with future rises dependent on negotiating a new agreement. The hammer blow was meant to reassure state pensioners overseas, but has had the opposite effect. Around 222,000 British expats live in the European Economic Area (EEA), together … Read more

Brexit Extension Call To Ward Off No-Deal Exit

Britain has enough of meaningful or crucial votes over Brexit as the sorry saga’s plot  twists and turns yet again. Now, Prime Minister Theresa May is exchanging letters with European Union senior civil servant Donald Tusk. She is asking for a Brexit extension until the end of June with a no-deal departure from the bloc … Read more

Time Running Out Before Brexit Delay Kicks In


It’s time to take stick of Brexit with just about 10 days to go before Britain departs from the European Union. Will the country slide out of the EU on March 29 without a deal? Unlikely. The smart money is on the EU agreeing an extension on Article 50 to allow Westminster to agree a … Read more

Deafening Silence As MPs Vote For Brexit Delay

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The quiet across Europe was deafening as British MPs voted to ask for a Brexit extension. Normally white hot social media accounts peddling European Union propaganda fell silent. The cut-throat antics at Westminster is shocking as MPs throw off the shackles of party political allegiance in a maelstrom of blood letting against rivals who talk … Read more

Brexit Countdown Ticks On As No Deal Beckons

The Brexit countdown is ticking away despite the lack of action in Westminster – and with three weeks to go, a no deal split looks on the cards. MPs just cannot stop squabbling about how unacceptable the deal on the table is, but after two years still cannot settle on an alternative. The latest is … Read more

Brexit State Pension Doubt For British Expats In Europe

Almost a million British expats living in Europe are facing an uncertain financial future after Brexit because no one yet knows what will happen to existing treaties. State pension payments depend on reciprocal treaties between the UK and each foreign country agreeing to pay each other’s expats social security benefits. The latest figures show around … Read more

Brexit Is A Sad Time For Europe, Says Donald Tusk


Brexit is having a disastrous impact on plans for closer integration in Europe, says European Council president Donald Tusk. He claims his time is now spent on patching up a disintegrating Europe rather than promoting closer ties between the EU nations. “I believe Brexit is one of the saddest moments in 21st century European history … Read more

How Will Brexit Impact UK Inflation and Growth

While inflation in the UK has generally been higher than in European countries that make up the Euro-zone, due primarily to more buoyant economic conditions since 2011, it has always been associated with higher growth. However, following the Brexit referendum inflation continued unabated, while growth has declined. UK Inflation In October of last year, we … Read more

The Irish Back-Stop Explained

The Irish back-stop is a massive stumbling block in the UK Parliament for the Brexit withdrawal agreement between Britain and the EU. The problem is how to manage the land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland if both sides cannot agree a trade deal. The UK and EU have signed up to maintaining an open … Read more