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How Much Money Will You Spend In Retirement?

Piggy bank with jars and coins in years

The dilemma for many people approaching retirement is how much money they need to live on. Research shows that most of us overthink what we need for retirement, believing they will spend at least as much as they are paid in wages. The rule of thumb is making plans for pensions and savings to cover … Read more

Banking On The Rich Could Be A Risky Proposition

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If you are super rich but need some extra cash to buy that special plane or yacht, then Swiss bank Credit Suisse is the place to go. The bank is changing tack away from financing business to offering loans to the wealthy for those luxury purchases. The bank’s accounts reveal a massive jump in lending … Read more

Shopping For A Bargain Can Cost More Than Buying New

Buying a bargain because the cost is cheaper than buying new has proved a false economy for thousands of shoppers. One in three consumers regret not shelling out a few extra pounds to buy new, according to a survey from Sainsbury’s Bank. Paying car and home insurance premiums monthly was another regret for 29% of … Read more

Everything you need to know about blockchain technology

Blockchain is one of the most-used buzzwords of the modern internet, but as fintech providers adapt the technology to deliver new and secure online services, few understand completely how the blockchain works. Experts claim the impact of blockchain applications will be enormous, but years may pass before the full effect is felt. Here, we look … Read more

Banks Crack Down On Buying Cryptocurrency With Credit Cards

Banks are banning cryptocurrency purchases on credit cards because they fear they will be left holding huge debts if something goes wrong with the transaction. The banks and card issuers have concerns about how they can manage cryptocurrency issues. The major worry is that customers could buy into a cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or ethereum, … Read more

Interest Rates Rising For First Time In A Generation

The world is changing for the generation in their mid-30s who have never experienced an interest rate rise – until now. A whole generation has enjoyed record low interest rates for their economically active lifetime. But rates have started to rise in America and the UK, and now other countries are starting to follow the … Read more

Revealed – How Banks And Insurers Trick Customers Into Buying

New research by financial consumer watchdogs rips apart the marketing strategies of banks and insurers to reveal the tricks they use to lure customers. The study by the Financial Services Consumer Panel looks at the psychology behind marketing financial products from payday loans to pensions. The watchdogs are a statutory body that offers research to … Read more

Central Banks Ready To Release Their Grip On Interest Rates

International fiscal policy is slowly entering a new phase – but you should look carefully for the signs or you might miss them. The messages from central banks are carefully worded and often couched in smoke-and-mirror terms so no one can blame them if the economy goes wrong. But after a decade of relative inactivity, … Read more

Banks Besieged As Venezuela Pulls 100 Bolivar Bills

Black market spivs and organised crime gangs are the target of pulling millions of currency notes out of circulation in Venezuela. With inflation so high that the government has stopped recording the statistics, a 100 bolivar note is worth a few US cents on the black market in Caracas and other cities across the economic … Read more