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Petition Protesters Want Annuity Change In Budget 2018

A pressure group wants Chancellor Phillip Hammond to cash in their poor-performing annuities as part of his Autumn Budget 2018. Hammond is due to announce his Budget in Parliament on October 29. Lobbyists Your Pension, Your Choice are calling on annuity holders to sign a petition supporting their fight to extend pension freedoms to the … Read more

Plain Talking Pension Firms Dump Confusing Forms

Retirement savers can expect some plain talking from pension providers after the companies have reviewed and rewritten thousands of documents to make understanding financial jargon easier for consumers. Consumers have repeatedly claimed their pension paperwork is too complicated and sprinkled with words and initials that are confusing for them – especially when they are trying … Read more

Pension Jargon Explained

The financial world is a maze of jargon investors and savers must cut a path through to find the information they want. In this confusing mass of acronyms and technical terms, here’s a guide to some of the more common financial phrases you may need to unravel: Defined benefit pension – A pension which typically … Read more

Pension Incomes Hit Highest Level For Nearly 3 Years

Pensions can be worth thousands of pounds more a year than expected as average retirement incomes reach a 33-month high. Retirement income has risen by 5.2% in the second quarter of 2017, compared to the previous three months – and almost 15% against a year ago. Pensioners have not seen such good returns from their … Read more

Over 65s At Mercy Of The Markets Without A Fixed Income

Thousands of over 65s are at the mercy of money market fluctuations as they have their income linked to stocks and shares. Although most investors aged over 65 years old consider they conservative investors who do not take risks, one in three have their income impacted by rising or falling stock markets. And this number … Read more

No More Pension Changes, Urge Shell-Shocked Over 55s

Pension savers feel they have been bombarded with changes over recent years and find retirement options confusing. Two thirds of over 55s do not understand pension freedoms and three-quarters want no more changes. Many also fear the government will meddle with the state pension and tax relief on pension savings will be cut. But they … Read more

Pension Freedom Explained

Pension freedoms may bring more choice about how to spend retirement cash for those who understand their financial options. But the risk is for those who are not clear about money matters, freedom also brings the risk of making costly mistakes. Pension freedoms are counting to down to another anniversary since introduction in April 2015. … Read more

Does A Secret Law Let You Cash In An Annuity?

Rumours are abounding that tens of thousands of pensioners can cash in their rip-off annuities but a conspiracy between ministers and financial firms is blocking their way. The secret loophole was discovered by former pensions minister Ros Altmann, but she claims Whitehall mandarins gagged her from making the details public. The speculation has all the … Read more

Annuity Misselling Pay Outs Due For Thousands

Thousands of pensions missold annuities are due compensation following an investigation by financial watchdogs. The Financial Conduct Authority has identified at least 90,000 cases of pensioners in poor health who were sold annuities that pay too little. They should have been sold enhanced annuities that gave them extra retirement income because their bad health reduced … Read more

Wealth Beats Health In Retirement For The Over 50s

The over 50s are keener to put wealth before health in retirement, according to a new lifestyle survey. More prioritised enjoying retirement and having enough money to pay for travel, hobbies and a comfortable standard of living over keeping fit. Almost half (48%) plumped for cash to fund their retirement activities, while just over a … Read more